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Ankle injury

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I just hurt my ankle, 3rd hit in the pipe, first 2 were big, third was bigger but not enough pop/broke at the waist caused me to go out over the coping, as I came down my left ski hit the snow first (right wall of the pipe), I felt my leg twist underneath me and my ski eventually release, I then bounced into the flats of the pipe. My ankle now hurts, I have never hurt my ankle skiing before. The pain is on the outside of the foot just above the joint. I skied back ok, could still do small jumps, pop 180s, railroad tracks, ski one legged on that ski (hurt a little on my little toe edge). I have just iced it for 15 mins and taken some arnica and ibruprofen, planning on icing it more.

Anyway, I don't think it's too serious, doesn't hurt much, I can still walk, but I am entered in a slopestyle comp tomorrow, on a scale of one to ten how silly an idea is still competing on it? I know my mum (a doctor, scared of me being airborne/upside down etc) would tell me to stay at home, but I have already entered and I previously thought ankles were pretty safe in ski boots.
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Jim, from your profile, you seem like a pretty serious skier. If you were purely recreational, then you'd definitely want to rest it. If a large portion of your income depends on this comp, then it's a more complex decision.

True, the ski boot is hard and stiff. However, it will give under stress, and many a skier has sprained an ankle. Coincidentally, a friend of mine actually broke his ankle while alpine boarding in a hard boot last week.

If it's not that painful, you probably don't have a fracture. You may have just a bruised bone. But you may also have a sprain in the area. In the long term, many people underestimate the importance of sprains, and are left with weak joints for life. If you like skiing upside down, that probably means you have many more decades of skiing to look forward to.

If it's absolutely not imperative that you compete, you should continue to rest, ice, and elevate it. Take ibuprofen with food in your stomach. Get your leg checked out if it doesn't improve over the next few days. Use your mom's expertise, even though it may come with the evil eye.

Good luck!
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Thanks Rich, you make a lot of sense. I think I am just going to give the comp a miss, it really would be just for fun, instructing is how I make a living so I don't want to make the injury worse and miss the rest of the season or NZ. Gutted though, I had been having a really good season for staying injury free so far, hopefully this will just be a few days.
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