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Howdy!  This review is for the SCC Brockway 175 all mountain ski.  SCC is a fledgling company based here in the USA, making handmade skis in South Lyon, Michigan.  Find a way to demo some of these skis, they are solid.  
2010 SCC Brockway all mountain ski, 175cm mounted with Salomon demo clamps.  Sidecut of this model is 134 - 94 - 122, 17.5 meter radius.  This ski is offered in 2 different flexes and also 2 different topsheets.  For the purpose of this test, I am reviewing the stiff flex version.  Conditions skied varied from 6" new, slush, corn, fresh glop-over-slop to rock-hard refrozen, 'roy and ice trough bumps in the 5 days I have on them. 
Me:  45yo, 5'11", 185lb, ex-snowlerblader, have 40+ years under my bootshells.  Typically ski in the fall line, altering trajectory with linked recoveries only when absolutely neccesssary.
Current PNW quiver:  195 SuperBro's (daily driver), 192 Brohemoth's, 191 Mantra's (Super's replaced these, now collecting dust), 185 Salomon Xtra-Hot (rock/teaching), various other sticks that are too long and narrow, too many snowboards and tele skis to list..... 
Wow, what a great ski.  The Brockway is just fantastic as a front-side all mountain ski.  This ski is so versatile it really will surprise you, even in a 175 length.  It will ski longer if you need it to, yet still manages to react with scalpel-like precision if you jump on it.  Rock solid at speed, the Brockway never folds up on you.
Groomers-  The Brockway will make effortless rails on the groomed, no matter how hard the snow.  It has a race ski feel, yet still retains more civilized manners if you decide to relax on it in the late afternoon.  Shaping turns is remarkably easy, the more you work it, the more you get back.  This ski is not phased by death cookies, it doesn't dance around or chatter.  I never experienced any tip flap either.  Rebound is always predictable, never violent unless you demand it.  If you jump on this ski hard, it will react.  It's nice to have that 'in your back pocket', so to speak.  However, you don't need to bring your 'A' game to every turn.  The Brockway is a very enjoyable ride, it's quick, quiet, smooth and stable. 
Bumps-  The Brockway is right at home in the bumps.  It has a wonderful tip shape, that allows you to use a narrow stance in the troughs, without banging the tips together all the time.  The tip is also tall enough to stuff into larger bumps with confidence.  The Brockway is very nimble for a 94 waist, the 17.5 meter radius really shines in tight bumps.  Ice troughs are no problem, the edge hold is rock solid as you transition from soft to firm/ice and back to soft snow, which is very comforting.  Torsionally, the Brockway delivers, firm/ice bump lines will expose weaknesses and this ski has none.   
Crud/Chop-  The Brockway destroys chopped out/crud conditions.  I was a bit worried that the 134 tip on a 175 would deflect, but again the tip shape comes to the rescue.  This ski knifes through choppy mank with ease, tip it up on edge and drive it around with confidence.  In the stiff configuration that I tested, once again the Brockway skied longer than its 175 length would indicate.  If a long radius turn is needed, make one without hesitation.  This is not to say it won't turn quick, rather it is comfortable making different sizes of turns in these conditions.
Powder/Trees-  I didn't ski anything over boot-cuff deep powder, but I did get that powder in the trees so I will comment on that.  Like the bumps performance, the Brockway is great in the trees.  A very nimble ski that has just enough waist to maneuver easily and provide some float.  With a bit of fresh underfoot, the Brockway has a 'slarvy' feel to it.  It is a bit of a submarine, due to the stiffer flex, but this ski isn't meant to replace your 'pow' specific ski either.  For a 'quiver of one' application, the powder performance is acceptable, the Brockway floats well enough to get the job done.
Summary:  The Brockway is fantastic, ski a pair soon.  SCC has nailed it with this ski, as an all mountain ski with front-side leanings.  The Brockway combines a perfect blend of remarkably high performance in a forgiving package that doesn't make you wish you had something more tame at 3:30 in the afternoon.  Nor, does it leave you wanting more first thing in the morning.  Ski it forward, ski it centered, ski it backseat if you want.... just ski a pair soon.  They are versatile and well made.  The materials are all top-shelf and the end result is a wonderful skiing ski.  Best part is they are hand-made right here in the USA, need I say more?