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This season I bought a pair of 170 cm K2 Apache Raiders.  They are as tall as me (5'7") and I weigh 175.  I've been skiing for 18 years (23yo) and am fairly athletic/strong for my size.  These skis only seem to "work" when I am skiing very fast, almost straight-down the fall line, with very low-amplitude turns.  This kind of skiing gets old over an entire season, plus when vacationing out west with crowds this type of skiing doesn't jive with patrollers and is unsafe with a bunch of other people on the hill.

The other day I ran my first NASTAR race just for fun, and I ended up skidding for alot of the course and couldn't "connect" with the skis around the turns.  I couldn't get better than a 25 handicap/silver.  But one positive is these skis seem to plow through just about any snow surface at high speeds and maintain stability.

Is my inability to execute short-radius turns with energy mostly an issue of:

-My lack of ability/leg strength?

-Not enough sidecut on the skis?

-Too much stiffness in these skis?

I absolutely love these skis (compared to my last pair of skis which were 153 cm Commanche 2coms), but I think next season I will need to get another pair of skis for times I want to make short-radius turns.  Should I buy a slalom ski next year that is slightly shorter than my height?