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Everyone loves a picture, right.!!??

Yesterday, Sugarloaf was off the charts good. It had snowed 6 of the previous 7 days and the mountain reported 64 inches. My buddy poked his 50" ski pole into the soft snow and all that was showing was the strap.!! The mountain is chalk full of snow.

The picture of the lone chair with a forest of snow ghosts and flat lighting....that's how the top of the mountain skied all day. Probably the flattest light I have ever skied at Sugarloaf. It really sucked.

But, at around the top of King Pine (that would be the picture of the lift line) the light would begin to show and from there down, the mountain skied well, darn close to perfect....The trail is called, Haulback.

The photo of the trail with netting....Narrow Gauge. We skied Narrow Gauge twice from the top. The trail was race ready.!! And with the netting up and the trail OPEN.....How fast do you want to go.?? Funny story here....All the best J2 kids are at Sugarloaf racing in the Junior Olympics. 14 and15 year olds, boys and girls. With all the fresh snow, they held the slalom on Comp Hill, which left Narrow Gauge in race condition AND open to the public.!! Give it up for Boyne taking care of the day skiers.!!Narrow Gauge was too soft to hold a race. (Huh...coulda fooled me) From the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain that trail was groomed out flat flat flat and the natural rolling terrain was S.T.H. and my turns just got wider and wider and wider and then the headwall happened and the bottom dropped out and I was going faster and faster and that freakin netting funnelled me out of the headwall down towards Kangaroo Hill and my ski's were grabbing air over the rollers and at the intersection down below I was going about a buck eighty heading for the long home stretch generating as much speed as I possibly could and I crossed the line and looked at the clock and it  13.47seconds.!!  That trail skied like a dream.!!!! Hey, today the lady J2's skied that trail for a medal.!! And, I think it was the trail site for a 1971 World Cup downhill.!! That trail rocks.!! Oh, and also....That picture of Narrow Gauge with the netting and Burnt Mt. in the back ground....that's a nice picture, right.?? Or, do I need to get over myself.?? I need to know.

Oh ya, then there is that picture of Swedish Fiddle Glade....Love those trees. I love to ski the ridge line down the right side of Kings Landing. That's where you'll find the Swedish Fiddle Glade. Nice. And with the fresh snow...Nicer.!! To me...King's is a signature run at Sugarloaf. Add in the nice glade and you got a lot of different terrain going on. It's a blast to ski.

The scenery trail picture is Timberline. The Timberline Quad takes the experts and the beginners to the top of the mountain. Makes for interesting chair rides. The experts can ski anywhere. The beginners head for the beginner trail Timberline or the intermediate trail Tote Road. Both are awesome long trails that just roll over themselves about 12 times.!! I think they call those trails...cruisers. I like me some cruisers....that would be Tote Road and Timberline. Top to bottom. I dare ya. Nice.

Sugarloaf is beautiful in oh soo many ways.  
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