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 So here is the scoop.  I grew up in WA state skiing the Cascades on old school boards from 195's to 210's.  I was an aggressive skier, great on the steep groomers and backcountry, and just okay in the bumps.  Now I am older (only 39 years young), fatter, and a little more hesitant to bomb down the mountain like I used to.  Also, I have (unfortunately) been forcefully relocated to the East coast first by school and then forced to stay here by marriage. Now I will be skiing in PA mostly with occasional trips to Vermont and out West whenever I can.

I have only skied shaped skis two times, both rentals.  Now I am done with residency and want to get back into skiing and need help picking skis for out East.  I am 200 lbs, will ski fairly aggressively, mostly do the groomers but still want to hammer some bumps when the knees are up to it.  I hate the ice, so I really need something with edge control for this East coast ice we get.  I am have been directed towards the Volkl AC30, the Rossignol Avenger 82 Carbon, and the Nordica HotRod Nitrous Xbi CT by a couple local shops.  I am also considering the Scott Punisher I found on ebay, but am open to anything.

Finally, I want to buy them tomorrow for a trial run in the Poconos before we go to Sugarbush next weekend.

Thanks for any input!!!