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Way too long

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Hi All-

I am in the process of replacing my Nordics Dobermann WC 100 flex boots after 7 or so years. Problem is, I have been looking for WAY TOO LONG. The reason it has been so hard is that after skiing in this great boot, which is the most precise, narrowest lasted boot out there (with the exception of legit race boots), it has been hard to find something that did not feel like it was way too big.

The only reason I am looking to buy new is that my feet are really cold in these puppies. Mid you, I have never had cold feet prior to buying the Dobies. For whatever reason, Hotronics do not seem to stay on the boots despite several gadgets and strategies to make them, do so.

About me: 40 yrs old, 35 yrs skiing, former ski bum, 15-20 days/year in VT (1-2 trips west/year).. Lots of bumps trees, etc..

Throughout my search, I have come close to buying Kryptons a few times, but never felt they were snug enough.

That said, it always seems the boots I like the best are very similar to the ones I am in now. Which means they are more than likely also cold.


All ideas welcome.
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you are looking for boots that are 95mm in the forefoot. the boot you have is still available in a similar form. there are also 100 flex 95mm race boots available from atomic, rossi/lange.

there are more choices if you were looking in the 130 flex range. there you will find boots that would fit your narrow foot from nordica, tecnica, atomic, fischer, lange/rossi, head, and salomon. it is easy to bring any of those 130 flex boots down to about 110 or 115 in flex with some deep saddle cuts.

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The flex is less of a concern than the warmth..
Do you think an intuition liner in my shells would be a good idea?
My shells are in really good shape.
Just seems weird to put a wrap liner in that type of boot..
Any thoughts?
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intuitions should help.

does you toes get cold (numb?) in your current boots inside too?   If so it is a nerve, or circulation thing, not a temp thing.   

Temp problem = intuitions, boot gloves, dry out liners, hottronics

circulation problem = more room over instep, more of the time.

nerve = look at a foot/nerve chart and see what is going on
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getting intuition liners into 95mm low volume boots, is only possible when you have a very low volume foot. the way an intuition is made, is with the same thickness material wrapping around the entire foot. that means that under your foot there is 10mm of material as well as over the top of the foot there is 10mm of material as well as 10 mm on either side of your foot, not counting the height of your footbed, that is alot of material to mold down to fit inside a very low volume boot. intuitions work great for warmth and comfort but work best in boots that have a fair amount of volume.

my bet would be on getting some relief over the top of your foot (tongue window), and or possibly some nerve compression around the ankles or achilles are the cause of your cold feet.

sounds rare to have the boot heaters falling off. there must be an attachment method that will work. hotronic makes a few, or you and your boot fitter are only limited by your imagination. hell you ski in vermont, what about duct tape?

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