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Snow Jones?

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If you 've got the big snow jones, check out these sensational photomontages of some of the world's best skiers in action.</P>

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Mr or Mrs. Jones,

Don't worry. Loveland opens in less than 105 days!
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BTW, you're not one of those snowboarders who goes down a bump run with their board horizontal -- screwing up the bumps, are you?

I think snowboarding is great. I love all the wacky clothing.

My only problem is that some boarders don't look where they're going - they only see 90 degrees, not 180. They don't seem to understand this simple concept -- that we're all responsible for what's in front of us. These are the ones who give snowboarding a bad name.
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Don't hang out in their blindside and they will not interfer with you.

Only 90 degrees - which 90 - 90 degrees left? 90 degrees right? or are they all centrists - 45 degrees to each side?
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