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Skiing in April (St. Anton specifically)

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Hello guys. I'm looking at skiing in the St. Anton region in April, the 10-17th or thereabouts.

I have a few questions.

I know the snow gets slushy in the afternoon, is it unskiable past then? Or just funky? Or is it a waste of effort? I've never skiied in full-on spring time.

How much snow is down by the resort? Is it worth paying extra for a location right "on the piste" (near the Nassereinbahn)-- ie will there be any snow at the bottom to make it worth it?

Another location I'm looking at staying in is Pettneu. Does this part of the mountain still have snow cover in April?

More importantly, I'm considering Pettneu, because with 2 very young kids in ski school, it's a lot better deal. Is there any snow at the bottom of Pettneu for there to be a viable ski school experience?

I'll only have this one chance (well in the next few years at least) to go to St. Anton, and I'm wondering if I'm wasting my one shot on Spring time skiing, or if I should just save this trip for another time. But any specific help with the questions above would be awesome.

Well I think that's it! Thanks in advance.
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St Anton is down the valley, about 20mins drive from Lech-Zurs. This was our trip last year over easter, which was the 2nd-3rd week of April 09. We stayed on the mountain at Oberlech. Since the top of the Valluga is visible pretty much from Lech and Zurs, and you can see from the film below, there are miles of snow-cover (and yes, post 1pm things get slushy, especially on the approaches to Lech, Oberlech and Zurs, and pretty cut-up). We had 60deg weather, every day for the 7 straight days we skied, and the day we left, they got a snow-storm! Great conditions, don't put it off...its some experience...have a blast, kids will love it..though most other kids will be german speakers !
Do a search for Arlberg and Lech-Zurs vs Alta etc on this Eurozone forum, you will see detailed info about St Anton, Lech-Zurs and spring conditions and our TR too. Best

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Hello chriswilliams,

I have spent many of my skiing vacations in St.Anton and I know this area very well. Mid of April is pretty late and at the end of the season snow will most likely be very slushy, wet and heavy, especially with warm weather conditions. But we also faced extreme snow fall and cold temperatures in March/April. For really enjoying and having fun this late time you should be a more experienced skier. Skiing down to St.Anton or Nasserein should be no problem, there has always been enough snow.
I don't know Pettneu very well and I am not sure if this tiny resort is open in the middle of April. There are ski schools for your kids in St.Anton and they have a "Kids Park". If you stay in Pettneu you have to go to St.Anton by skibus (for free) or car (no parking areas near ski-lift).

Have fun....
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I just booked a flight into Zurich for last weekend of January next year.  USAir had a ticket with only 35K freq flyer miles and i didn't want to let it pass by.  I figured I won't know my January schedule any better by July or so, then it might be too late, so might as well book now. 

I'm planning on skiing St. Anton, because it has the most advanced terrain, and is 100 miles away.  Does that sound like a good choice out of Zurich? 

I plan on renting a car.  Last year to GVA>Zermatt I took the train, but hated schleping my skis along, i was going to rent this year, but figured with a car, it is only a few more bucks.  If I need a 30 minutes snooze in the morning I can just pull over. 

Also, flight arrives at 8:15am and I figure it would be easier to get on hill by 12:30pm with car.  I know driving in a foreign country can be tough, but the directions don' t seem to be that hard, what do you think?  Any suggestions for a cheapo <$100 nt hotel that is convenient and central in St. Anton? 
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I've been to saint anton once, it was almost perfect when I went.
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