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Ellicottville in the Summer

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My brother's getting married this summer, and I'm in charge of the bachelor party.  At this point, I'm leaning towards Ellicottville as he's had a lot of fun there in the past, and there's some decent golf at the resort.

I'm curious what the town is like summer weekends?  Is it completely dead?  It's not necessarily a deal breaker, but it'd be cool to invade a "somewhat happening" bar or pub.  This may also affect whether we find a cottage rental in the town, or in the hills.

As well, he's done the Ya-Gotta-Regatta a couple of times, and really loves it.  Is there any local events similar to that going on for the weekend of July 16-18?  Is there any other things to do for a bunch of 30-somethings?

Any local input would be highly appreciated.
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I'm thinking about a bachelor party in Ellicottville for late in the summer.  How did this work out for you?  Was there much going on in the bars or were there tumbleweeds rolling through?  We're not looking for a packed house or anything, but some activity would be nice.  Thanks for your input!

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The stag was a definite success.  We rented a large ski house for 3 nights (though we only used 2 of them) and it very comfortably slept 15 of us.  It was about a 10 minute cab ride to town, but  that was a plus as it was secluded for some good rowdiness.  It had a huge yard for football, and we had the music cranked with no complaints.




The bars were a lot of fun... we were surprised that there were a number of places to choose from.  Of course the WNY foodfest on the Friday night hit the mark too.


We ended up doing a golf tournament at the course at Holiday Valley on Saturday morning.  Everyone was in agreement that it was one of the best/funnest courses they've played, and some of the guys have played all the best courses in Canada.


We catered in some BBQ from a place in Springville called Smokin Tom's.  That was a huge hit, especially since most of the guys had never had real smoked BBQ (it hasn't caught on in Canada, but its starting to).


There were plans to do it all again this year, but everyone was too busy.  That's what happens when too many of your buddies get married!  


Hope this helps!

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