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 Hey guys, I am obviously brand new to this site, but an active member of Newschoolers (don't hate)

I made this video about shin bang to help out people. Obviously it is no substitution for a pro boot fitter, but as someone who had shin bang for a long time I think there is some valuable information on shin bang. A lot of people have said this helped them a lot so I decided to share it here. Sorry about the length

Here is the post from newschoolers:

If you already have shinbang:
The only thing that is going to heal shinbang is time. You are going to want to focus on alleviating the pain and preventing it from getting worse. Make sure you deal with it quickly, people with shinbang tend to ski backseat, which makes things much worse.
My recommendations are:
-Add padding! Either pad your whole boot tongue or build up pads around the sore area
-Booster Straps
Tips to prevent shinbang from occurring or returning:
-Make sure your boots fit well. Go to a bootfitter
-Strengthen your upper leg muscles to help with backseat landings
-Less forward lean on your boots
-Soften your boot
-Note that the last two probably will help shinbang but might not be the best for other aspects of your skiing. Make sure you know what you want before you make any permanent boot adjustments.