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Got it!

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Passed that level 2 cert, and boy am I relieved. We were at Winter Park, and poor Bob landed me in his group. It was a really nice bunch of people actually, which made the stress easier to bear. The next best thing after winning that pin (which I haven't got yet, I'm going to cover my bronze pin in alfoil...) was getting a ride home in Bob's very sporty RX Impreza.

I had a bunch of aims for this season, and this is the only one I actually accomplished.
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Congratualtions, ant, that pin will arrive by next season, I'm sure .

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Congrats, ant!
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Good job.

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Way to Go!!!!
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Whooo Hoooo..

Congrats Ant.. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] :
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Atta girl Ant!
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Congratulations from me too, Ant, on a job that I can assure everyone was well done! It was nice to have a chance to ski with you--finally.

Let's get that pin now--you've earned it! (Just so everyone knows, Ant did not get a pin from PSIA-Rocky Mountain because she is officially registered with PSIA-East. As soon as East gets her results, they will issue the pin and certificate.)

I'm glad that there was at least one positive thing in what I know was a long and often frustrating season!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Let me add my congratulations
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Don't ya love it!
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Good going, Ant.
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Thanks, people! I'm still very happy, especially as it is DUMPING HERE AT KEYSTONE RIGHT NOW! I have been testing it for the last hour or so.

Hopefully I can parade around with my new badge soon, I'd already done the paperwork to transfer to RM division, but they wanted money! So I posted off a cheque and chatted to Jeri yesterday, hopefully they'll expedite it.

And, I have to say this Bob, railway tracks DO look as funny as they feel! The group all agreed on this, after you'd zoomed off down the hill.
They were a top bunch. One of the worst things about this trade, is that you meet these kinds of people for such brief times, and maybe never see them again.

Now, excuse me, I must head back to the office, there is fresh snow and I am duty bound to ski all of it.
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Congrats ant!!
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Yes, congratulations indeed, ant!
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so, are you coming back to the states next year?
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Yes, this is my profession now, and your dollar compared with ours makes it possible to make money..provided you work at the right resort. I didn't, this year.

So, now I have to start thinkin' in earnest. If I follow my druthers, I'd go to Copper, I love that place. But, if I go chasing the bucks, it's Deer Valley or somewhere like that. decisions, decisions.
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Congrat's Ant!!! Terry Carey
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ant- congrats to you!

You know, you could always come to vail, and hang with about 200 of your mates. That many Aussies can't be wrong...

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Yeah, that's why they're there, not here. The work is steadier, and the tips add to your income. More people there take lessons.
That's what I have to get busy with: talking to ski schools to try and get the real word on this stuff. It's OK for retirees and part timers to have intermittent work, but getting lots of free skiing while you can't pay the rent is no fun at all!
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Congrates ant I am sorry I did not get a chance to meet you out at Copper.
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What's so funny about Railroad Tracks, Ant? You've got to admit--they can be fun!

I have to announce--our MikeM has passed his Level 2 exam also, yesterday at Vail. Congratulations, Mike--well done, and well-deserved!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Way to go Ant.

My comments about VSG's passing her exam, also apply to you.

Good on ya!
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Yeah, I heard about Mike's deserved success from several people! Good stuff. I'd have had severe doubts in the system had he not passed.

Well Bob, you said "it doesn't look as weird as it feels" before heading off down the hill. We all watched quietly, and then someone said "well, I think it DOES look pretty weird" and we all collapsed laughing and agreed.

Hey, anyone in Summit County, A Basin was excellent today. We had training all day today (and tomorrow) there, and the new snow really fixed things up. The moguls were semi decent, for moguls.
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