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Dear ski gurus,

What's is your opinion on the subject? It looks like skis are pretty similar. I have tried 4frnt vct turbo and liked them very much.They are great skis in powder and pretty decent skis in crud and groomers. It looks like they a bit stiffer than Obsethed, but I can overlook this quality since I already have two pairs which ride quite good at groomers and in crud. One thing that worries me a little bit is that I am 5'9"/160/level 7-8 and while vct turbo sizes are 168/175/182/189mm K2 Obsethed sizes are 169/179/189. Isn't 179 a little bit long for me? I am not sure how rocker affects size for Obsethed.

Anyone who tried both skis? 

Thank you very much for your help.


P.S. Most of the time I ski all terrain/snow conditions in California, Tahoe area.