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Tahoe ski buses?

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I knew about the Tahoe ski bus (http://www.bayareaskibus.com/), but recently found out that snowbomb (the "Tahoe Card" folks) also has a ski bus (https://www.recreation4fun.com/snowbomb/index.cfm?a=1225205786013).

Was considering taking my first trip on a bus in the next few weeks, or possibly in April ... wondering if any epic skiers have used one or either, and your opinions on them?  Thanks!
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In addition to the movie shown and riding in style, there is a continental breakfast provided with bagels, muffins, juice and yogurt.

In the afternoon an Apres Ski Party occurs upon the end of the ski day with soda, water, hot cocoa, salty snacks and sweets. Dinner and lunch are on you. There is a 30 minute dinner stop on the way home.


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I use nacski bus, cheaper and faster.

or is this thread some virus marketing ?
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ha, no, not marketing ... I truly am curious about folks' experiences on these bus rides, as I've never done one before and have the bug something fierce this season and am considering using this in late Mar or early April.
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bay area ski bus are the same as snowbomb bus, but snowbomb bus give you snow bomb discount, personally, I like nacski bus, they don't do apres skiing, don't stop for dinner, but it get you home faster ( avoid traffic jam), you can compare price on all three.

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