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 I have had these boots for about three years now, and they have about 13 weeks skiing on them. Initially I really liked them, they fitted great after some punching for my wide feet, however recently I have found that after wearing them for a couple of hours, they get really soft, especially in warmer weather. If i try to buckle them up to make them stiffer, I cut off circulation. In cold weather they are ok, but I am beggining to think they might be a bit soft/below my level, especially as they have a low cuff height. I am quite small, 5'7'' and 140ish pounds, so they were a good boot for me when I bought them, but my level has increased substantially, and I am now around a level 8, and a part time instructor, ski the whole mountain etc.

1. Can you make the boot a bit stiffer with rivets, or is it not customiseable at all - Its quite a cheap boot I know.
2. Do I need a new boot?
3. If I do need a new one, how can I balance my need for a more precise/racer fit, without going too stiff for my low weight?