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I bought my first pair of new skis and now I'm getting a little worried about how they are going to work for me...I was skiing with a pair at 150 cm (they hit between my chin and mouth) for 6 years. I felt that they were getting too short for me now since I acquired as a brand new skier. Now I can do a decent job skiing a single black diamond, but nothing higher. I jumped up to 163s when I bought the Head Lite Thang pair yesterday. I have skied on 160s a couple times with no major issues and considering I have improved since then I figured I would be okay on 163s. They go to my eyebrows, but I am heavier than average for my height...I new it was a big jump and that they would take some getting used to but I really wanted them! I felt okay about my purchase till today when I realized I had never considered the weight of the skis. I was only thinking of length and width, and after googling the Head Lite Thang I found out that they are supposedly the lightest women's skis on the market right now. I should have guessed something of the sort after reading the name on them, "lite thang", but no (I think I was too distracted by the good deal to notice it lol).. Anyway I'm concerned about my stability on my skis now...Can anyone tell me what the likely outcome will be of using skis that are longer and lighter than I'm used to?