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Salomon Shogun vs. K2 Kung Fujas

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I can't really decide on which pair to get after reading alot of the reviews on them. People seem to rave about both skis. Im 6ft 180 lbs. and have been skiing 15 years here on the west coast, if you guys have any suggestions or remarks, that would be really helpful.
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Not having skied either, what I've read says the Fujas is softer and more playful whereas the Shogun is more solid and directional.
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I skied the 182 Shogun and was very impressed.   Very easy to ski, but you could still charge on it.
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I'm under the impression that those 2 ski's are no where near similar. The Fujas is supposed to be a playful ski while the Shogun is more of a charger.
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 The Kung Fujas is also a little funky with the butter zones.  Occasionally, when up on edge the butter zone will flex and the tails will wash out.
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Also is the Shogun fun to take off-piste or into the woods?
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Originally Posted by SkiingPilot View Post

Also is the Shogun fun to take off-piste or into the woods?
your answer

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Originally Posted by SkiingPilot View Post

Also is the Shogun fun to take off-piste or into the woods?

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To elaborate, I rode the Shogun during a day of demoing a bunch of similar skis. They only had the 173, but the ski was solid on the groomers (initiation was a bit weird with the slightly rockered tip, and the natural turn radius seemed very large for such a short ski, but edge grip was better than I expected) and really fun in the woods and bumps. It seemed eager to pop off little features, and was super easy to swing around, probably due to the modest tip rocker. I would go for the 182 though (5'11", 185).

The Fujas I have no experience with.
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Thats the one problem I keep encountering, is that very little people have ridden the Kung Fujas. Also, I have already seen that video a couple of times, just want some real feed back on it then some words Mark Abma trying to sell his ski.
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If nobody rides it (K2), then nobody is buying it, then nobody likes it, then you have your answer right there. the shogun is sick.
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ok thanks
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Hey I want to go into bat for the Kung Fujas.


It's kind of funny because the Shogun and Kung Fujas are both very popular skis (based on how many I saw on the chair) here in NZ so I don't know where this "nobody's buying it" argument comes from.


My mate has the Shogun and I have the Kung Fujas and I've tried both. I'd echo what the others have said and say that the skis are quite different. The Shogun is more of a charger and a great ski.


The K2 is heaps of fun though and yea, it is softer and more playful.


I guess I went for the K2 because I just had more fun on it. It owns the whole mountain from park to back country (although I'm not a huge park skier). It can rip a carve too. I really wanted a versatile ski because conditions in NZ mean you have to take what you can get. I also like to do a bit of everything and the K2 lets you do it all.


I accept theres probably heaps of bias coming from me because I own the Kung Fujas but I guess I'm just a satisfied customer. Both are great options though!


Oh yea, the Kung Fujas 2010/11 is available in NZ and it's fatter with more rocker. I've only tried the 2009/10 Kung Fujas and Shogun.

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Firstly, are you looking at the 09/10 or 10/11 Kung Fujas, because they are really different skis. In my mind the new Fujas is more of a replacement of the 09/10 Obsethed after the significant changes made to that ski (toon rocker in tip, 117mm waist.....)


The Shogun is much stiffer than the Fujas, and can hold an edge better, as well as being better in variable snow and more stable all round. I was very impressed with the Shogun which I actually skied today over here in NZ. The Fujas was by no means bad, but I wasn't really impressed by it. Not sure if you ever ski switch or in the park, but the shogun is only a semi twin compared to the full twin of the fujas. Due to the more directional nature and flex of the shogun, they will not be as good in  the park.


I found the shogun very easy to ski, and it was a ton of fun.It doesn't feel like 101mm underfoot as it is so responsive and light. I have tried a lot of skis and out of that everyday/all mtn ski category, it was definitely one of my favourites (along with the gotama).


If you are looking for an everyday ski, and don't hit the park, I would recommend the Shogun over the Kung fujas by far.

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Wow, just saw how old that was. Didn't realise it was bumped up.

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When I read all of those I have he impression that most of you rode only one of those and after great impression you recommend this one and write bad things about the other.

That is not real, solid review.

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that's because anyone that has the Shogun would not ski a K2 ski at all. the shogun is a higher quality piece of equiptment. It's like asking people to compare a BMW and a Kia. how many people will have had both those experiences. One is exclusive of the other. want a chinese mass produced middle of the road piece of crap or an awesome French ski made in Europe with tons of personality and a unique lively ride. you pick. I'll admit, never rode the POC K2

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personally I see that as a big load of crap. yes, salomons are made in Austria and k2's in china, but they are both mass produced in a huge factory. the salomons come out of the same factory as atomics and line skis probably come out of the k2 factory as k2 owns line.

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