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Salomon Custom Shell - Specifically on the 09/10 Impact 9 CS

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Hey all,

I have been using a Salomon Impact 7 in a 27 for a while now. As my skiing has improved I have been in pursuit of a stiffer boot. I tried on Impact 8's and 10's in a 26 which were too tight (length wise), whereas the 27s were a little loose. So I figured I would continue doing what I have been, thicker socks and get a 27. I found a good deal on the 9's and bought the 27.

Boots were great right out of box except for the fact that they were a little big. I took them to a shop to have them molded to see if that would help. Turns out they had an Impact 9CS in a 26 which fit me just right. So I bought those and had them do the entire heat treatment.

Process was:

1 - Heat boot shell up. Once ready, liner inserted.
2 - Stand in them with knees slightly bent, don't move, for about 20 mins as the shell cools at room temp. Buckled on the first position, most loose position.
3 - Heat liners up. Insert liners into boots.
4 - Put on boots quickly without bucking up to trap heat in liner, then buckle up 1 position as before.
5 - Stand in them as in step 2, but was told to occasionly flex the boot this time around.

Once I got back home I tried the 26 on and they felt really soft. I figured they had already cooled down had been about 3 hours in my cold trunk, ontop of an hour at the shop. As I would lean forward on the tongues of the boots there was just too much give. I tried on the same exact pair in a 27 and noticed that the forward feeling was great, tight and supportive. Even my old impact 7s had more support. No matter how tight I buckled, same soft give was evident. My foot was comfortable and locked in well.

I figured I would decide on the mountain..I took them up and the boots were horrible. In order to feel decent pressure on the shin/tongue area of the boots I had to lean waaaay into them, and even then they felt sloppy and soft. Had a boot guy at the mountain ski shop try them on and he said something was definitely not right, he was leaning towards the liner being the problem.

I believe that flexing in step 5 as I was told messed something up..or some sort of manufacturing defect where the boot shouldn't have softened up this way.

So this is my custom shell story. I am going to get the boots replaced and will NOT have them heat molded. My advice would be to not get to hooked on the custom shell thing and just ski the thing. I figured I would do it since the shop offered it but regret it. 

Anyone have some input on this?
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Usually heating liner and shell will not change the flex much.

I have seen people in boots that are too big, find the boots stiffer as the boots come up further on the shin (so less leverage) and the ankle is not sitting in the boots flex point, so that makes the boots harder to flex, or stiffer.

So if the boots are the right size, just too soft, can you just add 2 * T nuts to the shell?  All the impacts are predrilled in the lower cuff to allow for more bolts to make them stiffer.
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Thanks for the reply. I was at the shop today and you are right. The larger boot, coming up higher on the shin is harder to flex.

Since I have used a 27 for a while, I ended up trying the Salomon Falcon Pro 27 which fit great. On the 26 impact 9 my toes were right up against the boot, on this one there is a little room but the boot having less volume and a snugger liner fit great with a light/medium Smartwool sock.

I like having more support on the shin..I'm a bigger guy 230lbs. Maybe I should be skiing a the 26 with the more flex? That didn't feel to confident when going down a steep groomed run.

The impact 9 does have the spots to add the bolts as you recommended, the falcon has them in by default. So if they are too stiff I should be able to remove them to get the same flex as the 9.

Appreciate the input.
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get the 26 in the impact or falcon.  Make them bigger if you need to,  make them stiffer if you need to,
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The 27s are tight, especially over the instep buckle. Will a 26 even close? I can't try one on so I would have to buy online.

Thanks again, appreciate it!
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the impact offers more room over the instep. and fits a bit bigger overall.  
The impact, Idol, in all models are all the same shape.  so find one, try it, and go from that point
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I went with your suggestion. Got an 08-09 Impact 10, non CS. Had the liners heated. My right foot's arch was hurting with a superfeet insole (orange, kinda wide). I also have a pair of red ones (red hot) which are narrower. For anyone buying the impact 9/10 and getting superfeet insoles make sure you get the narrower ones (take a look at the ones that come with the boot). 

So to fix my problems I went all out with a custom sole (kinda had it and just wanted the problem gone, so..) and had the right boot punched abit on the heel/side. On my left my one toe was hitting the front and going numb. The custom sole helped with that. I also had a small heel lift put in to both of them to help with that. 

For what it's worth the impact 9 cs once custom shelled was very comfortable, but I lost the flex that I liked. These 10's are stiff just the way I like them.  

Updated this for anyone going through what I am. Thanks again Dave.
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