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Hey there, my dad got me these skis a few years ago for a birthday present, and I've always thought they were the Salomon Scrambler X's, but after numerous searches returning 0 results, I still can't find anything about this ski.  I used them 10 times or so, there is only 1 chip behind the binding on the right edge of the right ski. ski 002.jpg

The closest match i found was the 06 Scrambler 3's which have the same exact frame.

I'm in the process of looking for new twin tips, so I was going to try and put these up for sale.  The bindings are Marker M42's, and I use Salomon Performa 4.0's for the boot. 

Any chance the Performas would hold up if I switched them over to twin tips? Or would it be better to just get new boots?

Really appreciate any input.  Thanks!