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Help with bindings and/or boots?

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So I would consider myself a decent snowboarder.  I've only gone out six times (rented the first four times) and bought a nice set of board/bindings/boots for this season.  I'm really having problems with my boots/bindings.  I'm assuming its the bindings because of the angles I'm setting them to.
Whenever I snowboarded in the past, I was fine, I could ride both ways fine.  However with my new board, I'm trying to find the right angle to set my bindings to to ride both ways.  Everytime I've ridden this year, my back foot/leg has killed.  It's just such a pain that I had to switch to my skis.  It hurt between the heel and balls of my foot.  I'm wondering if it is simply because of the angling of my bindings, or the boots.
As of now, I have the bindings set to 15 on my left, and -12 on my right. (They make a V, if these are flipflopped sorry.)  This angle makes it a bit easier to ride both ways, but again, my back (right) foot just starts killing after a couple runs down.
The other possibility is that my boots are to tight or to loose?  I usually tie them as tight as I can, and maybe this is the problem, but I dont exactly get out to board much so I can't really guess and check.

All in all, I'm wondering if there is anything wrong with my angling, and what I can do to help this so my foot isn't in so much pain.
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Is the pain on one side of the foot, the center or across the whole width of the foot? From your description it sounds like the pain is in the arch of the foot. Is that correct or is it closer to the ball of the foot? Did you buy new gear? If you bought your gear from a shop have you gone back and talked to them?

In the mean time, here are a couple of things to try:
Check your highback angle. Try it set as low (straight up) as possible.
Wear your boots around the house for 30 minutes. Is it the boots or the riding?
Try setting your back binding angle to -6 or -9.
Try taking the footbed out of the back boot.
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Ya you had it right, it's really the arch of my foot.  Yes they are brand new gear, my first ever.
I'm going to try taking out the footbed and adjusting my back foot like you said, and also see how my feet are in the boots alone.
Another question, I'm assuming you want to have the bindings set so they're shoulder width apart yes?  That's what they're set at, and would is it advised to keep it that way?
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My advice would be to experiment with different stance widths as well. I would not expect much effect, but a narrower width might help a little.

Where did you buy your gear?

If taking the foot bed out helps, try using a doctor scholl's type replacement (cut down to slightly smaller than the stock footbed) or consider getting custom foot beds made.
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Stance width is a personal preference.  Play around with it.  Generally freestyle = wider stance, freeride = narrower stance.

There are some great after market footbeds out there - the green Superfeet or the blue DownUnders.  If your feet aren't used to having arch support, start with orange superfeet and then move to the green.  Your arches won't be screaming at you that way.  I know all the pro's over at Vail all use custom footbeds.
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