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Have you seen this video?

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It's very cool, particularly after watching the Olympics.

You won't BELIEVE some of the tricks these guys do:

After watching this, I'm reminded yet again that I basically suck as a skier.
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It's always fun watching great athletes using their equipment to do things the designers never thought of.

Also fun to be a mediocre athlete doing same =)
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My best trick on x-c skis is not falling down.

My second best is not hitting trees on downhills in the woods.
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Where'd that guy get twin-tip X-C skis?
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Those guys are animals.  I'm exhausted after just watching that.  The face plant at 1:49 made me break out in laughter (at work...eesh).  I'm not quite sure that there was anything in there I "wouldn't believe" though.  Sorry to be a sour puss.  I'm sure the difficulty is stepped way up by their equip.  This will show that I know nothing about xc, but something i was wondering when watching the olympics, it looked like their poles have about 6 inches of a "shock" in them.  It would make sense to soften the shock of poling and give you a rebound push, but do they have "shocks"?
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 That's just nutz!
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I have never thought of cross country as even remotely fun, but these guys sure look like they're having fun ).
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I'm not all that easily impressed, but THAT was impressive!  Echo-ing lady Salina's comments, that's the only time I've watched x-country skiing and thought that I was missing out on something fun.
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 Did I just see a misty flip on XC skis? 
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Originally Posted by KirkwoodBandit View Post

 Did I just see a misty flip on XC skis? 

Not just run of the mill XC skis...

FRICKIN' SKATE SKIS - about as wide as my watchband.

Now that's balance.
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