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What ski is best? Salomon, Elan or Rossignol?

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I am looking to buy myself my first set of skis, i have a budget of up to £300 for skis and bindings. I am currently looking at three different skis,

Salomon X-WING 8
Rossignol R9X Ti OS
Elan Mag 74.

I am mid/low advanced, i can ski all runs including blacks and am confident on moguls and piestes covered in ice but style goes out the window on black runs with lots of ice. I mainly ski on pieste but i occasionally also go off pieste and over moguls and over jumps, so i thought an all mountain ski would be best.

Would anyone know what ski would meet my criteria for this, i ski on around 165-175 cm skis, and am quite light. Or does anyone who have one of the skis i listed above be able to give a quick review on it and say if they would reccomend it?

If you have elan, salomon or rossignal skis could you tell me what you think of the brand and if the skis are good. I will probably try the skis before i buy, but the problem is that i cant test all of them on all conditions.

Thanks for your help
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Forget the name, they are all good manufacturers and all pretty good skis for what you're looking for.  If you're going to test them, buy the one you like best.  Considering your level, I the small differences of an advanced ski will not be so important, so you choices aren't so bad. 
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By the way, how are your boots?  Proper fitting boots are far more important than "which ski is best".  A bad fitting boot can make the best ski, ski like crap..... 
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mooseling1, I can only give you my impressions of the Elan Mag 74, I bought this ski around mid Jan. I'm 6' 205lb, got it in the 176 length. I ski anything, mostly like trees and bumps but I bought this for mainly high speed groomers. The Mag 74 really rips turns at speed and has great edge hold on hard pack and boiler plate.It is a bit stiff for just bump skiing but with the right skills it is manageable.Great on icy bumps though with its grippy edge. I have had it in 8-12" of powder and chopped up, again its ok but not the ski of first choice for that. I have a Watea 84 for that stuff. By the description of  what and where you mostly ski this would be a good ski for you, if you are comfortable on 175 than get the 176 length in it. I paid about $450 for a 2x used demo ski ( I think it is around $550-650 brand new) and it comes with the fusion binding system. Good ski for the money.
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i still havent got my boots yet, thanks for the warning though, i have a budget of £150 for boots and i have found some good ones that are on sale and reduced from £250 to £120 and the reviews for them are good but i am first going to buy my skis then my boots, or is that the wrong way around?

  I can go and get the boot fitted for the ski when i buy them so that is not my concern but i think i can get the skis for less than £300 so i will have more money for the boots. 

Are poles important in terms of what you buy? Or are they all the same and there is no point spending double the amount of money on them, i assume that some will be cheap metal and others might be a composite material but how big a difference does it make?
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First priority should be boots.  Make sure they fit well and don't skimp.  This is the most important piece of gear.  Take time and make sure it's right.  Don't just buy on price!!!  You'll be sorry.  Get professional assistance in fitting. It's not so important which brand you buy, but it's very important how they fit.  

Next is skis.  Any of the ones you mentioned will work just fine for you.  Here you can buy without trying them on based on price alone within your chosen group.  If you try them out, so much the better, but it's not absolutely necessary.  Some folks on this board might have a cow for me saying so, though.

Last is poles. Here you can scrimp. Some people spend large amounts of money on poles but there is no need for you to do so at this point.  Basically they are only a stick with a point, a basket and a handle.  Find some in a thrift store for next to nothing if you're strapped for cash.  Make sure you know how to choose the correct length before you get them.  I've been skiing for 46 seasons and have spent a grand total of $12 on the purchase price for all of the poles I have ever owned. (Full disclosure: My parents bought my first ones when I was 10.  Their purchase price is not included in that total.)
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I have bought a pair of boots, so i have gone down the boots first, skis last route, thanks for the advice!!  They are very comfortable and very good, they are salomon impact 10 CS and i got them on sale so i saved a quite a lot of money!! :)   Now i have to find some skis and a pair of poles.

So anyone with skis that they think are good all mountain skis around £300 (probably around $550-600) that are good please tell me about them.
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i have bought skis, and they were a completly unexpected purchase, i bought the atomic nomad smoke and they are fantastic, i would recommend them to anyone. I tried them on snow and they are very very agile and fast for a good price.
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