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Amazing Snowbird Reviews Deserve Your Attention

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The Snowbird Contest winners were named yesterday in the contest thread but I wanted to call out the winners here too. 

You'd expect someone who goes by Snowbird Devotee to love the place, and anyone who's read his posts about Snowbird knows he's qualified for the job, but I think anyone would be totally blown away by his epic review! For his considerable efforts, Snowbird Devotee wins three nights at the Cliff Lodge and three days skiing at Snowbird for two next season. 

Second place goes to Gnarlito's expert's inside view. He wins a copy of The Athletic Skier signed by the author.

Third was split among BunnyHill's Snowbird through the eyes of a beginner review, Lady Salina's first-time at Snowbird review, and SpikeDog's holistic review. They also will receive copies of The Athletic Skier. 

Read all the great reviews on EpicSki's Snowbird page! (Scroll down to the winning review, The Unofficial Guide to Skiing Snowbird.)

Thanks to all who played and congratulations to grand prize winner Snowbird Devotee and our worthy runners-up. 

Lastly, huge thanks and high fives to Snowbird Resort and Marketing Director Dave Fields for sponsoring this fantastic contest! 
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I want to second this recommendation.  (nolo's recommendation, not skifishbum's )

What a great group of entries we received.  Each person submitted wonderful summaries of what Snowbird means to them.

SnowbirdDevotee did an amazingly thorough job of weaving photos, links, and personal experience into a super-helpful guide to the Snowbird "experience".  It's obvious that he(she?) really IS a devotee of Snowbird.  Great job.

I really liked gnarlito's more lyrical approach.  Having skied Snowbird a LOT, I really felt myself traveling over that same terrain.  And as I told my fellow judges, he scored huge points with me when he mentioned Delores LaChappelle.  I think it's great to give homage to some of the pioneers of our sport and I think I'll add some of the local Jackson Hole legends to my JH guide.

As nolo said, Bunnyhill, Lady Salina, and Spikedog also did excellent reviews and the whole thing was actually quite hard to judge.

Also, I want to give special thanks to MattH for his review.  He was the first to submit one and hopefully gave some inspiration to a few of the others to make a submission.  I thought MattH's was extremely good, particularly considering that he's never even been there.  Good job!

And finally, nolo can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that these reviews are intended to eventually be a collaborative effort.  I think that SnowbirdDevotee's submission will be turned into a Wiki, but those can be added to by anyone.  As the primary author of the Jackson Hole one, I would love to see others add personal comments, likes, dislikes, etc.  As someone on Epic says in their signature line, "None of us is as smart as all of us." (or something like that).  So I think we're encouraging others to add to these reviews.

Thanks, everybody.  It was fun and we got some OUTSTANDING content.
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I moved all posts that are off the topic of this thread. This thread is to offer well-deserved congratulations and recognition to the industrious and talented people who wrote amazing reviews and also our heartfelt thanks to a very gracious sponsor. Anything that doesn't pertain will be redirected.
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 Nice Reviews.....
Wish I were talented enough to write something like these fine entry's
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