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HEAD Supershape Titan

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I've just ordered a pair of HEAD Supershape Titan for next season to replace my aging Stormriders.
Has anybody tried them yet?
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Yes - I skied on Supershape magnum last year and tried a Titan earlier this year.  They feel surprisingly like the Magnum despite being 7mm wider.  Short turning radius as well.

I liked the ski and particularly the kick you get from the tail.  it may be a wide ski (for a carver) but it skis really well as a carving ski on groomed trails as well.  You will really like it

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I too skied them at Boyne Mt demo and really liked their quick turning ability and stability at higher speeds. 
Not sure what the "street price" or MAP will be next season, but they will be worth all of it.
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I've skied them twice over the last month.  I loved them.

If you have a chance to demo, try the length one notch shorter than you *think* you would normally ski.  It's a very powerful ski.
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Originally Posted by mikehoyt View Post

I liked the ski and particularly the kick you get from the tail. 


Do you think that's down to the Kers system in the ski?

I've gone for the 177cm. I'm 6'0" 200lb. I've got a pair of i.Supershape @170cm also that I use indoors.
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Spyderman, since you have the Head catalog, would you mind
sharing what is the radius of the Titan at different lenghts?

I too am really interested in it and would like to know the 177-170 and 183 radius.


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Unfortunately the catalog only lists the sidecut radius for the 170cm at 13.5m.  Available lengths are 156, 163, 170, and 177 (sorry, no 183).  All lengths show the same dimensions: 128-78-114

Dig up Physicsman's sidecut calculator and you'll have some approximate values for the other lengths.
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Originally Posted by Noodler View Post

Unfortunately the catalog only lists the sidecut radius for the 170cm at 13.5m.  Available lengths are 156, 163, 170, and 177 (sorry, no 183).  All lengths show the same dimensions: 128-78-114


170cm 13.5m  @128-78-114

177cm 14.7m  @129-79-115

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Originally Posted by Bob Peters View Post

I've skied them twice over the last month.  I loved them.

If you have a chance to demo, try the length one notch shorter than you *think* you would normally ski.  It's a very powerful ski.


Some additional thoughts from Chris Fecher:

“I’ve been out on the new Head iTitan for the last few days,I wanted to have a really good ski on them in order to make fair judgment. Skiing a real mix of snow conditions from hard piste to powder bumps during this time has given me a real feel for the ski and the chance to soak up the graphics. The piste performance is somewhat similar to the Magnum although at 170cm in length and 78 under foot the overall feel is smoother and more stable. The iTitan will turn all day long, it just loves it and with such a smooth power steering feel their pretty much on auto pilot turn after turn. Torsionally they are quite soft which makes them very easy to handle at low speeds. The Kers system should kick in as you go faster, it is however pretty tricky to feel this happening. I ski on the RD slalom quite a bit and compared to the SL they are way more forgiving basically everywhere, they’d also get left in the dust when the going gets steep and firm. If you really crank the iTitan on firm snow they do have a limit. But then if you want a ski more all mountain than just piste then the iTitan has the extra width to keep you smiling all over the mountain. Graphically the iTitan is clean and simple but I think for a top end piste ski I’d want to see and bit more bling and a little less lego. Ski instructors the world over will love this ski for its fun easy going ride and snappy piste performance.”

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The kick from the tail is noticable in all skis I have tried this year with the KERS system.  There may be some other construction changes responsible for this or not but it is noticable.  the first KERS ski I tried was the Titan and the first thing I noticed was that it felt like the Magnum.  the next thing I felt was the kick from the tail.  I liked it.

Then I tried a WC iSL and I liked it even more.  Then last week I tried the iSL RD and WOW!  Like spings on my feet!

Titan 163cm is 12.4m radius BTW

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Originally Posted by DonDenver View Post

170cm 13.5m  @128-78-114

177cm 14.7m  @129-79-115

Where did you get those numbers from?  They sure aren't in the catalog.
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Originally Posted by Noodler View Post

  Where did you get those numbers from?  They sure aren't in the catalog.


I called my Head rep.  Another method; for all 2011 SuperShapes, the geo is simply listed in humongous font that is emblazoned on the top skin near the shovels. 

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 I skied it at Stratton. Simply, it feels like a big Supershape Magnum, in a good way..if you like that sort of thing. 
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Just got my new Titan's.  12.1r at the 163 length.  No snow to test them on yet,,,, but give me 2-3 weeks !!


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Could you tell me if they behave in short turn quite similar to sl? in my country they aren't so popular yet...

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My friend skied these in a 163 and loved them.  He's only advanced-intermediate but the ski treated him quite well.  Seems like the kind of ski that can get along with his level, but still handle the best, most aggresive skiers.  I skied the Magnums and gave a semi-in-depth review over here if you're interested http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/99064/demo-day-2010-at-holiday-valley#post_1284694 .  I'm told they ski very similarly.  I advise you though, don't be fooled by their radius.  They almost seem happier at high speed and medium or long radius turns.  They kinda ski like a Tigershark 11 (on power of course).   

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thanks Eastskier!

last year I've tried isl and since I love short turn skiing, they seemed perfect for me. But titans came up and I've got a problem. I'd like to ski off piste too. Once I tried some 'wide'skis and I had no fun, because short turn was impossible with them. Titans have low radius but are rather wide  and I'm wondering if they really turn short;)

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I skied these for two solid days in the Three Valleys.


Endlessly flattering ski.  I loved them!  They turn with such ease, I mean just the lightest pressure and you are on the other ski and they kind of glide underneath you.  Edge grip is fantastic too. 


Previously skied Magnums so Im used to the stiffness and strength required, but for me the Titan really did give me a lift out of each turn and they feel fantastic. 


If I had the cash Id go out and get some right now. 

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Loving the iTitan so far.  Skied it about 4 times.  It loves to go fast, and seems eager to get up on edge.  It takes a while to figure out the amount of leverage needed to bring them up on the edges progressively.  I guess this is due to the extra width.  I know there is something to the kers system, although I don't have any previous experience with Head's chip products to be able to compare it too.  But I have found the kick from the tail to catch me by surprise several times.   So far,, all my skiing with iTitan has been on piste.  Interestingly,, I find that compared to my Rossi' Z9's, the Titan's are pretty soft when just bending the ski's by hand, or when making mild skidded turns.  But when you ramp it up,, they suddenly seem like a much stiffer ski.  So something is happening back there.  I did have the binding moved up a 1/4",  to help with turn initiation. And, I would like to try another 1/4" further forward for comparison.  But if anyone has any advice on how to get the most out of the kers characteristics, I would love to hear it.


I will report my off-piste impressions, but who knows when that will be, as teaching season is just ramping up now.  If anyone has any questions, I will do my best to get you an answer.


Head iTitan 163's

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Head i Titans:  I've been thinking about taking these skis out West in order to really test them in the deep stuff.  Back in the 80s, we didn't have fats or powder skis, so I guess I'm a little "old school".  My daughter who lives in Vail, tells me that I should simply bite the bullet and leave all Eastern skis behind... maybe I'll try that!

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This is the first year on the iTitans... fabulous!  Soft snow, firm, crud - all great.  Deep OK; a little too shaped for that, but still serviceable.  I've skied the Head SuperShape Magnums for the past two years.  Head is really on to something here... best all 'rounder I've skied for forty-some years!

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I'm new here, great forum guys.

Got 'freaked out' by the initial reports on the titans saying they were "a lot of ski" as I bought them cheap at end of our season over here based on the Supershapes' reputation and the sidecut figures and I didn't get a chance to try them first so..... I'm probably an lower Advanced Low level 8 on the newer guide that's on here.

I'm 6 foot tall but only 140 pounds so went down a size and got them in 163 which have the 12.7 radius and I prefer short turns so hopefully this should rock for me?.

Based on your feedback here now I'm more optimistic about the ski's rideability now thanks. Will provide feedback here soon as have 3 weeks in Whistler coming up.

Cheers guys, Alan.

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I just returned from Vail and tried several "rocker" types, all K2s: Aftershocks, Coombacks, and Backlashes.  None were anywhere close to the HEAD iTitan on packed or crud, but all were superior in powder, which is what we got for snow every day ;-) 


Short answer: have a choice of arrows in your quiver!  If you only have one choice, go with the HEADs, because they will perform with some modification in any condition.  The others will be outstanding in deep powder, but mediocre for everything else. 


The issue also has to do with the construction of the ski, IMHO.  Cap skis do not promote differing flex patterns... this is a subject for another post, however.

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^^^^^^^^^^^  Yeah - maybe you should have gotten on something other than K2.  Bleh.  Going from Head's construction over to K2 is like comparing a luxury sports sedan to a pickup truck.

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^^^^ What he said. Go demo a Kastle, Blizzard, Nordica or Stockli and report back. 

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I've got about 10 days in on the Titan's so far and really am liking them now.  In fact, these are my favorite Head skis of all time for the North East.


At first I was on the fence but after going to a 2 degree side and moving myself up a tad, these skis came to life.  These are my number 1 ski now.  I also have a set of 2010 CHIP 78's and 2011 i.SLs.  The i.SL is my h"ave a blast ripping out short turns on the groomer" skis or my go to choice for boilerplate / hardpack / ice but the Titan's are for everything else.  The CHIP 78's are going to be sold shortly. 


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Just come back from 3 weeks at Whistler. Did 16 days on my Titans in old snow, new snow (waist deep) and everything inbetween.

Based on reviews in other publications I was very worried I had bought the wrong skis as i'm very light at 140 pounds. I shouldn't have worried, these are truely awesome and easy to use skis. They will rail on anything, don't get deviated in rough cut up snow, have a reletively big sweet spot and huge energy return off a positive edge. In powder over your knees a bit of extra floatation would be nice but that would take away from the performance everywhere else so no biggie. I tried 5 other skis too my friend was demoing as we have the same size foot. Soloman tornado, Atomic Blackeye TI, Head Peak 82, Soloman Enduro and Atomic VR82. He bought the new Rossignol Experiance 83, 2012 model in the end. They were like an easier Avenger 82Ti that didn't requite as much forward pressure and edge. Most of these were 82-86 waisted skis and none had the performance of the Titan except in deep snow where they were slightly easier to point but when it firmed out were just clunky with no zip in comparison IMO. 

Apparently the Titans have sold out worldwide according to the Head rep who was demoing their 2012 skis for retailers, I can see why now. Perfect ski for carving short turns fast with a decent range offpiste unless it's very deep. 

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I just bought a pair of the head supershape titans in 170. I am 5' 8" about 190 and an advanced intermediate, ski mostly groomed hard pack. the first time I skied them I felt a little out of control and didn't really like them. I wanted to return them and try something a little more user friendly. But the ski shop owner wanted to try moving the bindings forward about a half inch or so ( the next hole forward on the binding plate) after the adjustment I tried them again. The difference was amazing, they turned like shorter skis, have severe edge grip and are very stable at higher speed. I really like them and would recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their skis.

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Double D - I've gotta commend that shop owner for understanding the huge impact of binding mount position.  I'm glad you've seen the light also.  Hopefully you'll never forget the difference that a mere 10mm change made in your perception of the Titan.

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