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i am wanting to purchase boot dryers (w/ option to dry gloves as well) for ski room cubbies for ski in / ski out room...(dryers do not need to travel). 
i traced a lot of the forum info on this subject but am looking for most recent info on what ski homeowners have found to be best for a ski in / ski out situation......we have skiers, boarders, snow shoers, sledders, questions:

1) given the option between portable and permanant boot dryers, are portable boot dryers inferior to permanant ones?  they appear to be smaller and less expensive so am curious if that necessarily correlates to not as powerful/good/quick drying?  or would these types of units be just as good in a permanant situation?

2) is there an advanatage to mounting on wall vs a freestanding unit?  certainly more expense to mount on wall but is there a benefit?

3) is it better to blow air down into the boot vs popping boot over onto a stem?  seems easier to put tube blower thing into boot?

4) what's the feedback on the
dryguy dg1 widebody - boot and glove dryer
a chinook wall mounted system?
both are cozy winters distributed..
we will likely do individual systems as cubbies are individual...

5) for boots w/ hot tronic boot warming system (surefoot custom fitted insert), will either of these systems hurt the hot tronic boot warmers/custom fit liners?  do you even need boot dryers if you have a hot tronic system? am thinking you can just crank it up for a couple hours at the end of the day if its not died out, and then recharge over nite?  or will this get all the moisture out of the liner?