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A blog on the Ski World

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Hello everyone!
My name is Bertrand and with the permission of the administrators, I’m going to present you a school project we have to realize in group.
We are a group of students at the IMEA Business School in Besançon, France.  As part of our Master program in international affairs, we have created a blog related to sport.

Here is the URL: http://ski-project.blogspot.com/
More precisely, we wanted to speak about all that is related to the "Ski World". Our aim is to create some debate around this subject through different articles.
At the moment, the blog is quite recent but much more articles are in creation. We are planning to write articles about Olympic Games, Freestyle, Sustainable Development…etc.
If you have any question or notice or advice about the content of our blog or about our project, don’t hesitate to ask me.

You can feel free to post comments, enjoy yourself!

Thank you.
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Hello everyone!

New articles are available, hope you'll enjoy them !

Have a good day.


The ski project crew!
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