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Can anyone help me?

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To be honest my family and I are in tough times and we have had these ski's in our garage and we kind of need to post them on ebay or maybe craiglist.

Problem is I'm not sure of their worth or how old they are or to what type of skier should or should not purchase them.  They appear to be in really good condition with some minor scuff on the tipps.  Here is what I know about the ski's:

Dynastar Omega Woodcore Vectra Kevlar (66 inches long)
Stamped World Cup/Olympic Champion Slalom Sidecut
Made in France and vin number
Ski's have boot attachments already fixed on them (also Salomon brand)
Ski's are Black with as best as I can describle paint brush dabs in blue, purple and pink and the words dynastar and vectra are both a high yellow color

Salomon boots (great condition sixe 6 1/2 to 7) womens
Two poles "Scott Lazer (46 inches) Black with purple and silver wording

one ski bag

Thank you in advance for any help :)
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Sorry, but this stuff is junk unless you know someone who wants to build a lawn chair or fence with old skis.

It is not worth the cost of shipping...seriously.  FWIW, here is another set for sale.  They may get lucky and pass it off on some poor unknowing person.

(I deleted the duplicate post in Ski Gear Discussion). Please do not post sales unless you are an EpicSki Supporter.  The Gear Swap rules are posted HERE
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Put them in a yard sale or post them om Craigslist for $20.00.  They are obsolete but a collector or nostalgia seeker might pay that for them.  I recently paid $40.00-including shipping for a pair of that vintage that I REALLY wanted for my collection.  
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Old skis generally become worthless unfortunately.  Sorry to hear about your tough times...
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