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Changing Delta on Look px12 Lifter - Please help

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After rereading the threads on the binding I am pretty sure that the 5 MM delta is doing me no good.

1) do I remove both the toe and heel lifter plates from under the binding or just the heel?

2) where do I get shorter mounting screws? Can I just shorten them with a dremel cutting disk?

3) anything I should beware of when unscrewing the binding from the ski (Dynastar 8k) and putting it back in with new shorter screws? How tight do I go, hand tight or us a drill driver with an adjustable torque clutch?
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First, if you've never done a binding mount then this might not be the right time to "experiment", but if you're dead set on doing it yourself and you have the tools (posidrive #3 and binding glue) here's some info.

  1. Generally most people who make this change are trying to reduce the delta for whatever reason.  That means you're removing the 6mm lifter from under the heel only.  Note that the version of this binding that sells without the lifter includes a kind of "shim" (about 1-2mm thick) that is used in lieu of the lifter.
  2. You can either scrounge up some shorter screws from your local shop or grind down the ones you have.
  3. I always put my screws in manually (by hand) until they no longer turn.  You have to be careful about going too hard and either creating a spinner or volcano'ing the hole and creating depressions in the ski base from the screws pulling up too hard.
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Thanks for the info. I think I have a pozidrive bit. Do I need to find this shim for the heel or will it reinstall correctly without one?

Is there an equivalent sub for binding glue? 
Finally, without the heel lifter, is the delta now 0 or -1? 
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I went ahead and did it. The forward pressure looks like it's in spec, but I should probably get the a release test done.
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I did it differently.  I wouldn't hesitate at removing shims or spacers, but I wanted to keep the "cushioning pads" of my PX12 Jib (which purportedly doesn't do that much shock absorption), especially under the heel.  So I fabricated some ~4mm toepiece shims from sheet polycarbonate/Lexan.  The material is widely available at hobby or plastic shops.  Some shops can fabricate them for you.

The shims took the bindings from an excessive ~5-6mm delta to a "normal" ~2mm delta.

If you're gonna fabricate, you can find the hole pattern here:  http://www.tetongravity.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=65868&d=1255061478

Also, I bought excessively long screws from the shop and ground them to an exact length for an extra-strong mount.
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Nice looking job. Unfortunately I lack the skills for moe complex jobs. I even left one screw .5mm too long and slightly pushed out the base. No harm though.  took out the screw, ground it down more, pushed the base back in, and put it back.
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