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K2 Lotta luv's or ????

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Hello everyone,

I just found this site whilst looking for new skis and I must say it sure is good to see useful information in the forums rather than just trash talk. I look forward to visiting EpicSki daily....
So here is my question. The big boss (My wife) is looking for new skis and really likes the specs of the K2 Lotta luv's, she currently skis Atomics and seems to like the Atomic cloud 9 as well. Any suggestions on either would be great or even some other suggestions. The Boss is 5'5, 121 pounds and an advanced skier.

thanks in advance..
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What type of skiing does your wife like to do? Off-piste, groomer, mix it up?  I like my Lotta's alotta...they are my current go to groomer ski.  I've got a different pair for more powdery days...The Missbehaved.
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 She likes to mix it up, seeing as we are in Australia we don't really get 'powder' as such, but do ski O/S, Canada, US and Austria.
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Heya KGB, I bought a pair of Lottas last year (2010 season). We're also in Australia. I'd say I'm a high-intermediate. I'll ski just about anything, but I take it easy when I'm on blacks.


I'm really impressed with my Lotta's (like, in love with). They've good grip for the hard pack and ice we ski a lot of the year, but they floated nicely enough in the 'powder' we got here (we were at Perisher on a day we had about 30cm in the morning). They were great on the groomers, great off piste. Good in the soft, wet stuff, too.


I bought 156s, and I'm kind of wishing I'd bought 162's. I sometimes think they could be a *little* more stable at speed, but could just be me!

I demoed the Free Luvs, too. They were a lot more forgiving, but very soft... I thought the Lottas were a bit more versatile and agressive, and they kind of push me a bit.


If you're not skiing again between now and the start of the Australia ski season (hope not, though smile.gif), maybe try demoing them? That sealed the deal for me, as soon as I skied them i just knew. We went to Jindabyne Sports in the old Jindy shops, and they were really good to us.

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Just one thing to be aware of is that the K2 changed all of their skis between last year and this. They now ALL have some rocker which definitely changes the ski. I know some who love the new Lotta Luv, while I prefer the previous version.

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Yeah, I'm on the rockered 2010/2011. Having said that, I demoed the 2009/2010 and loved them too. I didn't feel a huge difference, but it's probably just me, and inexperience smile.gif
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