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Wow, I am pleasantly surprised.   I have better range of motion on extension than before surgery and have a full 90 degrees on bend the day after surgery and less pain than before surgery.   I sure was not expecting that.   I do have some nausea though and of course I have to keep this brace on and follow the directions carefully.  I have been flat with ice most of  the time.  The swelling is low.
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That sounds very promising, Pierre.  I am sure you will make a full recovery and be ready to go for this upcoming season.  Best of luck and work at the rehab.
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 You're not as old as the doctor thinks and you're not as out of shape as you think. You're a little overweight, but strong like bull. You'll be skiing next winter. Make it happen! 
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Wow, Pierre - given that I'm still waiting for my initial consult with the OS after my ACL rupture (March 5th), I'm envious that you're already on the road to recovery. But very, very glad to hear that things are going so well. 


Do keep us posted on how things are going. I'm guessing you'll be back on the slopes way ahead of schedule. :)

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Well lets see, 14 days in and I am way ahead of anything the doctor expected.  I have 118 degrees of  movement and shed the heavy combersome brace. The doctor was hoping for 90 degrees.  I walked half a mile today but I put a crutch under the good side so I could force myself to extend off the toes when walking instead of the waddle.  Fine muscle control and rehab is what stabilizes things, same as in skiing.   I have also gone back to working part time at the shop. At the shop I put that heavy brace back on.

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I have had a torn ACL injury for the past 28 years, and I'm the antithesis of the poster boy for how to rehab your knee properly.  I retired 7 years ago to ski and mountain bike the rest of my days - 5 years ago my knee was telling me that wasn't going to happen, and my skiing was almost done.  That's when I happened upon a device called the CADS ski system - the inventor markets the device out of Vail, CO.  Rather than try to explain the device to you, I'll suggest you check it out online at  Since wearing and learning to use this device, I'm skiing over 100 days/season, skiing any terrain I choose, skiing better than ever, never tired, and VERY LITTLE PAIN!  I would recommend them for your wife, as they protect replaced knees from fracture at the point of prosthetic attachment, and for you once you get the damage repaired.  Once again, check out the website.

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