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What to expect at an Eastern Level I Exam?

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I've been asked to help some new instructors prepare for Level I, but I never took the exam in the new foremat myself. What should they know before they take the PSIA-E Level I Exam? I'm thinking they should know the Skiing, Teaching and Customer service models, and be able to do a respectable beginner lesson. What else is there?
What about personal skiing? Will they be expected to ski dynamic turns, or is open parallel with good fore-aft balance acceptable?

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Having just recently taken and passed the Level I eval, you'd think I might have the answer to this question. Perhaps more than my own ignorance is indiacted by the fact that - I don't know!

I prepared for the eval according to the Study Guide - which helped only a bit. Some items were never mentioned, while the skiing/teaching definitely was important. I discussed that experience with the boss upon returning to work, and he said, "It all depends on who your eval conductor is".

uh, does that help? No, I didn't think so. Sorry!
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You should read and understand the Core Concepts Manual and the Level 1-3 Study guide. You will be asked questions directly and expected to demonstrate a basic knowledge of the concepts in those books. You will also be expected to teach a 10-15 minute segment of a Level 1,2, or 3 class.

Although most people pass this quite easily you should go in very prepared.

If I were you I would buy Bob Barnes's book The Encyclopedia of Skiing. Contact him directly to get it. It will be one of your great source and guide books.

Good luck,

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Don't think Bob has anymore of those books unless he found another stash. We are all still waiting for the release of the next edition. 2 seasons ago I contacted Bob directly and quite possibly purchased the last of his stash. (20 copies) for some instructors at my Sports learning center. Try Amazon.com used books.

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Good luck on the exam by the way.

Go, relax, and have fun. PSIA's goals are not to exclude you from teaching/learning. The standards for skiing are not super high, just work on your demos, (find someone to help you here) as you want to present to your students/examiner a good "picture/image" of proper skiing.

Read and Understand the core concepts, have a few good progressions and you should do fine.
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I'm taking mine at the end of the month. We have an examiner on staff so he's been working with a few of us. According to him:

Read the study guide.
Understand/know the terminology and basic technology.
Know the PSIA History found at the back of the study guide.
Be able to demo good customer greetings, wedges, straight runs, wedge change ups, wedge turns, wedge christies and open parallel turns.
Prepare a 10-15 minute lower level class scenario and teach it.
Know "teaching transfers" as in transfering skills from other sports to skiing to help clients improve more easily.

From talking to other instructors who have taken this in the last two years if you know this stuff you are covered. As others have said it totally depends on the examiner giving the exam, some range from very open, easy group discussions to more one on one examination of every little detail. Most seem to be the former rather than the latter.
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I'll be taking that with you taylormatt, where did you get the study guide?
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Thanks for all the help.
My impression from this is that PSIA-E hasn't developed firm standards for what a Level I exam should be, and for that reason Examiners have a lot of discretion in administering the exam. It also seems that the expectation is that most candidates will pass, and that no traps will be set to prevent candidates from passing.

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Originally posted by ratherbskiing:
I'll be taking that with you taylormatt, where did you get the study guide?
The study guide came in our folder from attending First Tracks. It's basically a rehash of the Alpine Tech Manual though. If you need it, let me know and I can copy it for you. I'll be there this weekend.

I heard the blue coats had a group...how many you got? We have 9 so far. I'm just hoping the snow holds up that long, it's getting sketchy fast out there.
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We the blue coats have about 10 i think. I will be doing my first tracks the weekend before. Do you know if the level one is on Sat or Sun yet?

I am excited to finally get to do this course! Last year i was out west and earlier this year i was in Jay and missed the dates for the exams!
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L1 is Sat the 27th.
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