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A good deal...but the right ski?

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I was just wandering around my local shop (NorSki and Sport in Pleasanton, CA) and started talking to the guy behind the counter. Turns out he's a pretty serious bump skier so I started asking him about mid-fats in the bumps. The ski he felt did the best for him in the bumps surprised me a bit: he liked the Bandit X.

I demo'd the XX but not the X. I like the XX a lot and was considering buying it but he seemed to think I'd like the X better since I ski a lot of bumps. He then offered me what I think is a pretty good deal: $589, includes the Rossi Pro 100 binding and the mount.

I'm usually very hesitant about buying a ski I've never demo'd but he offered me another deal that the shop has. I can ski it for 2 days and if I don't like it, I can apply the full cost (minus the mount) to a new pair of skis.

Any thoughts on the Bandit X as all mountain bumper?
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the X is a ski designed for 70 on groomed 30 off, the narrower shovel and less sidecut make it an easier ski for the bumps. But if you already have a bump ski then are you looking for something with more variable?
Don't get me wrong the X is an ok all mtn ski but when the snow gets deeper and you start skiing off piste then you will probbably want a wider ski.
Anyway, it's a good ski overall, not too shure on this yrs pricing so I can't guess how good the deal is.
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Thanks for the advice, Spyder. I haven't bought the bump ski yet so my thinking was to only ski one if the Bandit X was adequate in the bumps.

Right now I'm on an old K2 SLC, straight, stiff, slalom (200cm) which I love in the bumps and would probably keep but it's old and dead and the edges are shot. I think ANY midfat would be an improvement in slush and powder over the K2 I'm on now, I'm just hesitant about giving up bump performance and hence was considering two pairs of skis.<FONT size="1">

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That price sounds fine. it's like getting the bindings for free! The two day trial period is a wonderful gesture! I dont' hear of that very often!

Buy my old skis. They are posted in the for sale thread. 11.2 side cut, not a true shaped ski. it was sold as a bump ski, but it has great high speed stability. Off psite it would sink, however. Go read about them where I posted them. Maybe you know someone who would enjoy them.

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I've been skiing on the Bandit X with Rossi 110 Axial binders. I like them for top of the snow sking, including bumps. Not a lot of width and not a lot of shape make them a decent bump ski. They rock in light powder with firm underneath but I bought a wider pair of Fischer Freeride Alltrax 74's, which are built to compete with the Bandit XX (same dimensions) for cruddier and deeper snow. The bandits caught and bogged in the deeper rough stuff. But I sure do like them. I'm lookng forward to the tweaks planned for both the X and the XX.

Anyway, that sounds like a good deal for the whole show. They won't run bumps as well or the same way as your oter skis but they are more versatile.
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I see the indecision (did I spell that right?) continues! My thoughts.. if you really think you are going to spend a significant amount of time bumping the zipper-line.. it would be good to have a pair of bump skis. From my conversations with you, and since you have interest in the mogul clinics.. I gather that is what you will do. Also, the Bandits might be ok at bumps, but from what I can gather, they are still no 1080 Mogul or Dynastar Assault.

The other piece is that I would not call the Bandit X a 'mid-fat'. It's more of an all mountain 'groomed terrain' ski. What ski magazine calls an 'all mountain cruiser'. In other words, it's not going to work well those fresh snow days when compared to a true mid-fat such as the XX (or the 9.22 I have).

Anyway, just my thoughts. At first I was all about 'one pair'.. that is why I wanted to get rid of the mogul skis.. but once I learned how to ski the mogul skis right, there is no substitute on those mogul days.

The only problem with the two pairs is deciding which ski to ski on that day. If that is a problem you don't want to have to deal with (and believe me, it's not a fun problem), then just go for the one ski approach.

Good luck,
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Thanks to everyone for the advice.

Mack, you're right, as usual. Even if I only get 20 days on snow in a bad season, it would be nice to have a full-on bumper.

I think I'm going to go with the Dynstar Assault (can get a good deal on it and remount my Markers) and maybe a Bandit XX or XXX.

Thanks again, all.<FONT size="1">

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The X could be a better price. That sidecut is being dumped next season for one very similar to the X-Scream. The next Bandit X is going to be 106-68-96, with a different construction. That doesn't discount the latest X as a good bumper, though. I owned the 191 and found them to be great in the bumps. I just think that the price ought to be a bit better. Ask the salesman about next year's ski and then go for a better price. Also, The Mod X, X-Scream, 9.22, and Epic are all fun in the bumps, but better all mountain sticks. I also skied a XX 191 for 1 1/2 seasons. It was surprisingly nimble in the bumps, although not very explosive.

On the topic of bump skis, Sportmart has lots of Dynastar V8's and V9's from a few seasons ago for about $39 a pair. Those a wonderful bump skis, and will keep more cash in your pocket for a real mid-fat to rip the whole mountain!
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Hey Kevin.. what's the latest with your decision?

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Forgot.. Bandit Man... where is that Sportmart and do they have a website or phone number?
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Well...every time I think I have my mind made up, you clowns come up with another great suggestion I'm kidding; I really do appreciate all the advice.

Right now I'm leaning towards a Dynastar Assault in a 185 (and mounting my old Marker M51s) and next year's Rossi Bandit XX.

Of course, there's still the Rossi Mogul and 1080 Mogul to consider...

Bottom line is that I STILL DON'T KNOW! (but I'm sure enjoying all the shopping and research)
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Well.. for a mid fat you can't go wrong with the XX (I have an Atomic 9.22.. that's another great all mountain mid fat that does well in the bumps).

Here is what I learned from my research:
For your bump ski, I guess it's the cost/versatility tradeoff. The 1080 Mogul and the Rossi Mogul are great bump skis (the Finnish bump team is skiing on the 1080 Mogul, and some US Olympic skiers, such as Donna Weinbrecht, are skiing on the Rossi Mogul). Both, the 1080 Mogul and the Rossi Mogul, have sidecut to them.. so they are a little more versatile than the more traditional Assault for those few runs you'll do off the bumps on the bump days (you know.. the token runs with the wife, or when your butt is totally whipped at the end of the day.. or that blue run you have to take to get to the cool bump run). I have not skied the Rossi, but it should be the better one of the two (vs. the 1080 Mogul) off the bumps, since the radius of the 1080 Mogul is 27 while the radius of the Rossi is 22.5 (pretty serious sidecut for a bump ski!). However, you won't find either of these skis cheap.. while you can get the Assaults cheap if you get the model from a couple of years ago (which is the same as last year's except for the graphics).

There you go. Now you know everything I know. As I said before, it looks like you'll end up with a similar setup as mine:
--> All mountain mid-fat which will do well in the bumps -- since even on my 'cruise/tree' days I end up doing a few bump runs -- for me that's the 9.22
--> Bump ski with a little bit of sidecut for the few 'non-bump' runs for those mainly bump no new snow or late season days (and perhaps to embarrass myself in the occassional comp) -- for me the 1080 Mogul

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