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LSPC BIg Sky 2010 (March 27-April 6) discount lodging, skiing instruction

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That's Lou's Skiing Performance Centre for the uninitiated.  No ESA Big Sky 2010 has left a huge hole in my March/April ski plans.  I've looked forward for the last two years to skiing with friends, getting great instruction then heading home to ski more.  But for every problem there is a solution and I think I've come up with a great one.

Under the store name I've put together a trip to Big Sky and already made arrangements with the mountain.  We have reservations beginning March 27 and ending April 6.  Last year I was mistakenly billed the very low price of $117/room/night in the Huntley.  Evidently the rate is so low that it is not in the computer anymore.  However, they have decided to extend it to our group this spring.  So rate is $117 per night in the Huntley for a room with two queens and up to two people.  That is less than $60 per person per night and includes every morning the best and biggest breakfast in the ski world.  Even better rates are available for more skiers per room.

Lift tickets will be only $49/day and all-day lessons with a level 4 instructor/guide will be only $125 per person.  They have promised no groups larger than 5.  But as we know five similarly skilled skiers with a level 4 can get quite a bit accomplished in a day.  Probably groups will be smaller.

To get these rates I've promised ten skiers.  Your responsibility is to let me know you are interested soon.  Understand that you only have to attend five days of the session.  Any five days.

This is a casual arrangement to get great rates for a final spring ski fling.  Ski alone or ski as a group.  Lessons or no.  Lou's anticipates bringing some of next year's Head and Scott skis to demo.  It is possible we'll have Voile and Stockli as well.  We can also offer some of this years skis at great prices and an evening alignment and balance discussion if you want.

Last year it snowed 1 foot per day, every day for the first four days.  I think that is four feet of snow.  Bridger is not far away for a great side trip.

Come one come all and make this fly.

Email me-lou@lous.ca or call (403) 288-8556, but do it soon time is wasting.
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Man, that looks like a great deal... let me see if I can get some more time off... I'm looking to buy a house around this time, so money's tight, but I do have a good time at big sky.
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alright ragin  called me about this not sure if I can do 5 full days of skiing though let me ck
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Sounds good, but can't commit yet.   So damn warm and rainy up here this year I got my clubs out yesterday and am busy tying flies.
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Hey guys we can wait until the last minute but that makes it more difficult.  We need ten skiers and that is all.  but less than that and it may fall apart.  I'm working here to round some up.  As soon as some commit then we can be certain it won't fall apart at the last minute.  As far as weather goes remember almost certainly warm shit will disappear and we are heading into big snow month.  The more the better, get the word out. 

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I am very tempted.  I was going to do a spring trip anyway.  I will check with one of my ski buds and see if they would be interested.

If we commit are we tied to doing lessons every day or are we just committing to get the hotel and lift rate?
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I'm going to ask the boss for some time off.  This should be doable.
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Not tied to lessons at all.  Just available at a great rate.  Tied only to five days room and lifts.

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What level skiers are you accepting? 
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This is a way to have a great end of season vacation period.  Any level skier, anybody.  Ski with a group or only a few friends or by yourself.  I organized this  to get myself and some customers of the store there and thought I'd had such a great time there with epic over the last two years that I would open it up to epic members.  You can do your own thing.  I've simply made available great rates.

I need to hear fro everyone so that I know we have ten skiers.  At that point I'll call the area, tell them we are a go and that's it other than making your reservations.

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HOpefully this will get extra people to the mountain so there will be a larger pool to help Epic run their program from now on.  This is a great place and Epic did a great job.

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Too bad I already scheduled a trip to BS a week before.

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Hmm. I went to the Vancouver Olympics since I couldn't go to ESA Aspen/Snowmass this year.  But I've never been to Montana, and this is very tempting.

Let me check airfare to Bozeman....

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... and those fares are nuts.  Hmm. Perhaps Plan B....
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This is a great deal. Big Sky is awesome. Very easy to get around, don't even "need" a trail map.
I managed to get sort of lost one day in a flat area, but never mind...
Then there's the obligatory lunch at Moonlight Basin - the stuffed mountain goats on the enormous fireplace chimney. Saw the Olympics with lead in shot of the mountains and two goats? Those are the ones on the fireplace! Plus skiing the headwall chutes at Moonlight is incredible - no hiking!
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For anyone interested Big Sky is definitely a go.  Call starting this Saturday March 12 and make your reservations under the group name Lou's group.

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I'm willing to give a quick tour to the group Sunday, March 28, if you don't mind waiting up for a 54 year old on woman's skis.
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