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Shoe size to Mondo size (dead on or go small)?

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Quick question on ski boot sizing.  I wear a shoe size 8.5 US men's.  I'm a fairly aggressive skier and prefer to ski moguls, bumps, steeps and crud when I'm on the mountain but kite ski as often (sometimes more than) I ski at resorts.  I'm buying new boots.  My current boot is a size 25.5 Mondo and I'm buying Atomic Hawx 80s and the store recommended I again go with a 25.5.  My concern is that my toes are always uncomfortable / cramped in my current (salomon) boot (more so when sitting on the lift and in the lodge than when skiing but they aren't super comfortable skiing either) and I'm sure I bought that size thinking the liner would pack out and get more comfortable -  but not so much.  I did try the Hawx on with an upgraded boot bed / liner and that did pull the toes away and make it more comfortable but I don't want to repeat the same situation and have boots that may be comfortable in the store for 20 minutes but uncomfortable in the cold snow after 2 hours.  I definitely don't want to go bigger if I don't have too. 
When I review the mondo scale I see a men's 8.5 is around a 26.5 - 27 Mondo size.  I know that size isn't as important as comfort and fit but wanted to see how many of you know if your have shoe size matches dead on with the Mondo boot fitting or do you go smaller knowing the liner will pack out?  The boot was pretty comfortable with the upgraded bed but I keep thinking about the size being the same as I have now and I'm only buying new boots because I can't stand the feel of my toes still hitting the boot after years of skiing them.

Last point, my salomons have a flex of 90 and the Hawx I'm looking at are 80 (I weigh 145 and I'm 5'7").  I'm concerned that stepping down in the flex will be problematic but the rep at the store said the thought the 80 was a good choice for me given my size and skiing style.  I'm thinking that's too soft but likely comparable to what I have.  Any idea if that's too soft a boot?  I don't like a super stiff boot in the bumps.

(sorry to cross post this.  I'm new here and saw the gear forum before I realized there was a forum dedicated to boot questions).  Feel free to delete one of the threads to consolidate the responses if necessary.

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Boot fitting has nothing to do with shoe size and should be ignored.  Read the Wikis attached to this forum for instructions on shell fit and follow them.  If the store doesn't use shell fit then shop elsewhere, they will only screw things up.

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