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Hi boot guys.  I have a situation that you guys perhaps might be able to throw a few pennies at.

I am currently using a pair of Atomic RT FR100 boots.  They fit me very well in stock form and I love them.  I've had custom footbeds made and footboard grinding done by Start Haus (big thumbs up to those guys, BTW).  The boots were absolutely terrific...  until the liners packed-out.

The problem now is that I either have to crush down on the cuff (which tourniquets my feet), or I can't drive the skis without some major flexion, which is very tiring and wears me out in a few runs.

Foolishly, I had prematurely fixed (i.e. drilled & bolted, as designed) the forward lean adjustment for this pair of boots, so I don't think I can just lean the shells back a bit.

(I haven't had a chance to visit Start Haus for this season, as I've been spending my season at South Tahoe.)

Okay, so here's the kicker...  I have a nearly identical set of NIB boots on mothball (Atomic RT CS100).  I plan on swapping the CS100 liners into the FR100 shell for the rest of this season, that's a no-brainer.  However, I'm thinking I should put the packed-out FR100 liner into the CS100 shell and fixing (drilling & bolting) the forward lean based on the packed-out FR100 liners, figuring that the CS100 liner (that was transferred into the FR100 shell) will pack-out in less than a season as well, and might as well anticipate that.

This will eventually leave me with two pairs of boot shells with different forward leans.  However, the CS100 will be used with packed-out liners, which will be obviously thinner (more direct?), and the FR100 will either be used with padded liners or an aftermarket liner (more comfy?)

Is there a problem with that logic?  Is there a better way of doing this?

Much thanks for any help and/or opinions!