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Good boot fitter

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I live in southwestern PA and in dire need of a good boot fitter. I'm mainly looking for someone who does proper alignment services. My knees track to the inside very badly. I've been to multiple shops in my area with no luck. I can not even get a recommendation on where to go. I've researched online and found some places out west. Can anyone recommend a shop that may be closer to my area. I wouldn't mind taking a long road trip to see a knowledgeable technician.
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Check the wikis attached here for our locations.  You could go to Chicago or NY.  Think that may be it.

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I have found a couple of different shops within a 6 hour drive.  I don't mind giving up a weekend to get this problem corrected.  I'm posting a picture so everyone can see what my problem is. I'm not sure how to explain it....think my legs are somewhat twisted below the knees.  It doesn't affect my skiing ability as much as it causes my knee, ankle, and hip to ache. These pictures are of my boot in there "stock" configuration.  In your guys opinions...What do you think is wrong....is it correctable?  All the shops around my area look at me with a perplexed look. 

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