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Anyone from Jackson, Wyoming? I'd love some advice!

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I'm a teacher and I'm thinking of trying to move to Wyoming next year so I can ski Jackson Hole on the weekends.  My question is..... I am less interested in living Teton County because of the level of affluence.  Can anyone from the area (if there are any who fit that description) recommend some locales to consider that would be within a few hours driving distance?  I don't mind small towns.  

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check w locals here or the town re: Jackson housing subsidies for experienced teachers, I don't know any details on whether still available etc.
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 I would recommend living in Jackson.  It's not that expensive compared to your time commuting, the risk involved when conditions are bad, and the cost of maintaining a safe commuter vehichle.  You might enjoy Red Top Meadows.  It's still on the Jackson side, but really nice and kind of remote.  You might find truly inexpensive housing in the yurt community in Kelly, WY.  I know a few teachers who commute over The Pass from Victor, ID or Driggs, ID.  IMO it's only worth it if you own the home your living in.  Other places are Alpine, WY, Hoback Junction, WY, or Bonderount, WY.  Hoback Junction isn't too far, I almost bought a house there years ago.  I think with a position as a teacher, policeman, nurse, etc...  You might find some subsidized housing or unadvertised opportunities.  FYI it's a buyers market in ID right now with a glut of houses built on spec and very little demand.  It's hard to say what a house is worth in Jackson right now as very few have sold in a long time in spite of plenty of listings.  I hope this is helpful.

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 Hey, Thanks Dave.  Good tips re housing market and transportation. 

I'm probably not going to be buying a house any time in the near future.  Wow, yurt community, sounds like something to look into   I'll look into those other locales.  Part of my reason for wanting to move to Wyoming is being kind of obsessed with Annie Proulx novels and cowboy stuff, so I was imagining in my head that maybe I could teach rancher/mining kids and commute for skiing, side stepping all the yuppie stuff I'd deal with in Jackson.  That said, heard it's a beautiful town, soooooo....   
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 You could teach rancher/miner kids and hike or snowmobile for your turns.  The resort is small compared to the backcountry out there.
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What is the name of the place at the bottom of the pass with cabins named for European towns? Do they still do long term rentals? Its just up the pass from and same side as the Stagecoach.

I once stayed with a friend of a friend and we skied the pass right to the door of the 'heidelberg'. What an epic day that was. Woody actually put his ski through the screen of the back door by mistake!

The accomdations were extremely basic, a perfect ski bum crash pad.


Maxing and relaxing with 'Craw' after a fine day in WY.
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 I would guess that your talking about the Heidelburg.  I don't know much about it, although I have had friends who lived there in the past and have been inside the cabins.  It's been a long time and I don't know anyone currently living there.
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