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Tibial Plateau fracture with possible tear yesterday.

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Hi folks ,reality woke me up this morning when the toradol injection had worn off .I see the Ortho in Hamilton,NY @ 11:00 today .Aside from having to sit in the lodge while my wife and kids hit the slopes for the rest of the season ,what else is in store for me .The thought of no more moguls is nauseating and if I can't ski at all , the way I want to ,I will be absolutely devastated .                                                                                                                                                                                         My son said it was a cool crash though ,total yard sale , even goggles .I had a good line going too .He also said this was bound to happen because I have been watching the Olympics way too much.....LoL 
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 So what did the Doc say?

I broke my tibial plateau last year. As long as it's non-displaced I'd say chances are it'll be pretty easy. Displaced is a different story. This is the foundation of your knee and it needs to be correct. I had a possible tear too, and decided to just leave it alone and ride the bike a lot instead of getting surgery.
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The Ortho surgeon has reviewed the X-rays and moved the app. to wed .The fracture is nondislpaced I think so I guess there is no surgery required , I hope .It is immobilized and has been getting iced regularly while elevated most of the time .The pain is being kept et bay with the meds ,but the swelling is from mid thigh to foot ,that worries me .If any flexion or pressure is applied at all very sharp severe pain is felt ,that also worries me .From what I read on the net my season is over and this knee will not be the same next year .Do you agree with that . 
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That sounds much worse than what I had. The pain was really not all that bad. I hope you get some good news from the doc.
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I had a tibial plateau fracture in late Decemebr 2008 and had surgery in Vail. 6 pins, a plate, and a cadaver graft. I have been back on skis this season with no problems at all. After the surgery I spent 8 weeks non-weight bearing, but made a full recovery. The dedication to rehab is the key. If you work at it you will be fine. I am 58 years old and not having any problems post surgery and skiing all terrain. You'll be back next season. Good luck on your recovery.
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 +1 on rigrously following rehab. I've had 2 ACL reconstructions, numerous meniscus repairs and by following rehab, I ski hard without braces.
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I think I had a favorable visit with the Orthopedic Surgeon today. The fracture is displaced 1mm with no detectable ligament damage. As for the pain and swelling, 2 turkey basters worth of bloody fluid were drained from the knee, yum. I am ecstatic about not needing surgery and having no major tears. I was told NWB for 12 weeks w ROM p/t immediately followed possibly by an arthro cleaning. After purchasing new boots and skis for my wife,new coat and twin tips for my 10 yr old plus I got a great deal on coat I've been eyeing (I'm a gear whore) all last week I was pretty bummed about this injury. My wife and will still enjoy taking our children on the annual spring trip, I will have to suck it up.......As always thanks very much for the expert advice and words of encouragement......Oh by the way the Surgeons wife sustained a very similar injury and is fine, they are both long time tele skiers. 
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I did similar at the start of June last year.  Good luck to you.  Mine wasn't displaced but I'm just feeling 100% in the past few weeks.  Can ski aggressively in the trees and fully kick while swimming.
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Ihad a spiral fx of the tibia plateau a fews years back. It healed up relatively quickly. You will be fine.
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