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Waterville Valley or Bretton Woods

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I'm an intermediate skier and like to practice and enjoy carving on groomed runs. I'll probably go to either Waterville Valley or Bretton Woods this Sunday. I've been to Bretton Woods and enjoyed it. Great for practicing, but it was on a Monday so not very crowded. Will I notice any difference between the two, i.e, crowds. runs, conditions. Would appreciate any opinions. Thanks.
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Waterville will have more crowds and probably not as good snow.  Bretton generally has less crowds and gets more snow.  I'm not sure what they got off the last storm but both have snow in the forecast this week.

Personally if it were my choice for a Sunday, I'd probably pick Bretton based on crowds and conditions, even if  Bretton is a bit more 'flat'.
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Thanks, Meff. I'll probably go to Bretton. I just figured that I'd check out Waterville because it's closer (not by much but my friend who's going sking with me is a restaurant owner and needs to be back by a certain time. An extra 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back) and I've never been there. also thought of Loon because it's right off 93, but heard the lift lines are long and snow is less dependable.
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I'm not sure about BW, but WV says they got 46" of snow from the last two storms...I believe it, there was a wall of snow about 12' high at the top of Gema/Ciao on Friday that is just usually not there. It was heavy stuff, though, not powder (there was some of that on top by Saturday).
If you like groomers, I'd guess that you'd like WV better. BW has challenging tree skiing and is a big place for NH, but I wasn't that excited about the groomed runs there. The crowds probably would be lighter at BW, although WV shouldn't be bad on a Sunday at this time of year. Both places should have great coverage this weekend.
Loon is a great mountain, but I've never enjoyed the place on a weekend. Excellent choice for skiing during the week.
Have fun!
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Thanks, guys. Looks like it's back to a toss up. Probably can't go wrong on either for the type of sking I'm doing. Should I throw Cannon in the mix since it's right around there ?
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 Actually, any opinions on Cannon. The reason I didn't mention it originally was because I heard that it's not really a beginner/intermediate mountain and it can get quite icy. I'm just getting back into skiing after a long 12-15 year hiatus and my first year skiing on the East Coast. As mentioned above, I'm an (lower) intermediate and working on my carving. Just wondering if I'm missing out by not considering Cannon, 
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I'd go with BW or WV over Cannon if you're and intermediate. It's good they got fresh snow at WV because I skied there the 14th and it was getting pretty bad. Pretty icy in spots. Screwed up my back and got a hip pointer on the frozen crust on True Grit. It looked like nice loose snow from the chair......NOT!  From what I heard, Cannon got about 10" from the last storm. Not sure if they got anything since.
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Thanks, Skibumm100. It looks like WV or BW.
Both my friend and I are from the Seacoast in NH. The weather has been in the 40's so I'd rather head a little west. We originally thought of hitting Wildcat or even Sunday River when we first decided to go sking this week but 1), would rather be on the 93 than RT 16 on the weekend. when I went to BW, took 16 and got stuck behind a truck for an hour. Friend has to get back for both work and family, plus, as mentioned, would rather head west (heard they got more snow, at least the soft stuff). I have a co worker who works at Sunday River on weekends and he said the snow was a little wet and "slow".

Thanks everyone for all the input.
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I'm about 20 min inland from you (Hampstead) and I know what you mean about driving 16. 93 works better for me but it's a world of difference between BW and Wildcat. I can get to BW in about 20 min more than Cannon. Wildcat takes a lot longer. I bet I can get to Burke in the same time it takes to get to Wildcat. I think all of the new snow was pretty wet. I read a TR from Mt. Mansfield and it was described as wet there, too. Have fun, wherever you go.
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