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Favorite Trail You Have Skied In N. America

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What is the one trail, that you have enjoyed the most, in North America.??.....

For me...Narrow Gauge Extension from the top of Sugarloaf.

It's a home town pick but still.....it's my favorite trail of all time. (right now anyway)
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Probably Motts @ Heavenly. I have plenty of more runs that I like more than this in the Alps however, but you did ask NA.
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Gunbarell at Heavenly. Awesome.
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Groomer: Andy's Encore to Rosi's at Copper
Not Groomer: Bookends, Mineral Basin, Snowbird
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west face, squaw.
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Tahoe leads the way.!!....Cool.
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Right under the Little Cloud lift at Snowbird.
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 Hellbrook and/or Thunder Bowl
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Bubblecuffer at Sugarloaf
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East - Summit Glades at Pico
West - Whales Tale to Y-Chutes at Breckenridge

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Viva at Mammoth since it said "trail".  The Climax Bowl in Mammoth is a wonderful place to make endless laps though. 
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Originally Posted by Mondak View Post

Viva at Mammoth since it said "trail".  The Climax Bowl in Mammoth is a wonderful place to make endless laps though. 

I could do laps on Cornice -> World Cup -> Terry's all year and never get tired of it. That gets my vote.
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Horseshoe Bowl and surrounding lines.   First big powder day in the Rockies put me there in the 80s.  I've skied better, steeper, deeper, and bigger, but have a soft spot for that since it was my first bottomless POW experience.
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 Don't have one.  It depends on snow conditions, weather, and my own mind-set for the day.  Some of the punkiest runs can become epic given the right conditions.
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Really tough to choose but.....

East...Paradise to Grand Canyon
West...Rendevous Bowl to North Hoback
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This is a no brainer
Easy Street at Blue mountain Ontario, Taught both my sons on this run and my granddaughter. Is the last run I took with my mother before she passed away, All my nieces and nephews learned here and it never mattered what the snow was like , if it was raining or a bitterly cold hot chocolate night we always had close family dear friends and more then fond memories of our life on this run.
Thanks for asking
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 The whole west side of Magic Mountain, hands down.  
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You know, I was thinking about it and none of the runs I came up with were really because of the skiing.  Sure, there's was that big powder day at Aspen Highlands (51") where we skied the trees off the top of Loge Peak Lift - amazing powder, but the run itself was... meh.  All of the "runs" came up with were actually times I was with friends enjoying the outdoors.

Years ago skiing Lone Peak (Liberty Bowl) with Marianne.  That crazy day at Silverton with some truly great skiers; Nightmare Bowl was great.  Crested Butte with Katherine, Banana Chute.  That heavy, April powder day at Copper where I went ass over teakettle on my tele's on Tucker Mtn.  That one day where I skipped jury duty and hit Vail with Carlos on an endless pow day in Blue Sky Basin.  
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I like Riva Ridge- Tourist Trap at Vail. Wished you didnt have as long of a fairly flat section to get to the fall line but its a nice pitch for a lot of turns. Torusit Trap section although short is steep.  I also like Yodler at Holiday Valley. Doesn't have any impresssive stats or anything. I skied it many many times growing up and still like it.
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The Canyons: Grande into Pinball Alley.  99.9%+ of the tourists will never ski through the fence entering Grande.  Grande starts out as a relatively flat and (obviously) ungroomed run through the trees until it gets so dense you have to almost Nordic through them.  That enters into a very steep open field that eventually drops into a great natural half-pipe (Pinball Alley).  It is a run with everything:  trees, some bumps, open steeps, and a natural half-pipe in the middle of the forest.  Tough when the snow is frozen and a blast in powder.  Cool.
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 Riva Ridge/Tourist Trap is definitely up there.

But since l've experienced it I'll have to go with Heavy Metal in Blue Sky Basin/Vail.
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 Because of conditions I'm gonna have to say it was White Lightning at Sno Mountain. Skiing on the East Coast all the time, 18 inches of fresh snow and one of the steepest trails in the East makes a fun bump run.
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Hot Wheels Gulley, Alpine Meadows
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East - Shakedown Trees (Smugglers) - Great glade run!

West - Jitterbug/Stonecrusher (Alta) - Great Steeps with plenty of great snow.  Amazing view!
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Probably Campbell Basin @ Crystal Mt.  Very, very wide, you can traverse to any countless number of lines.  It's a good steepness for me, steep w/o being crazy nuts, and it's got it's own lift, so you can just lap it if the snow's good.  And I've gotten probably the best snow of my life on that trail, too, so that helps. :)
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North Face at Alyeska.   They have a lot of names for areas of it, but historically it is just one run. 

Powder Bowl at Crystal Mt. would be a close second.  It is the back side of the Campbell Basin steeper and nearly treeless.  Some great lines and chutes.
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West:   Mach Schnell, Snowbird (top to bottom)
East:    Drunken Frenchman, Winter Park (that's the farthest east I've 
                                                                skied )
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Fall line at Mad River Glen
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Me:  Fall Line at MRG

The Wife:  Hot Wheels Gully at Alpine Meadows
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Rumble @ Sugarbush.
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