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BC Powder Highway first time trip!

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What are the essential mountains to hit in a week?

What's your favoutire?

Favourite area?

Best runs (on/off)?

Where to stay?

Best spot for late season snow?

Other tips for a first timer?

Thanks - Ski Hard!
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Come on - no one has any tips on the BC Interior?
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 We have lots of great resorts up here in BC but it really depends upon what you are looking for, vertical, alpine, character, backcountry skiing???

If I only had a week I would hit Revelstoke for the highest vert in N.A. then come down to the kootenays to sample red mountain and my home hill Whitewater. We have been having a lean snow year this year - lots of base but just not alot of fresh. Whitewater (skiwhitewater.com) is a great alpine mountain with loads of character and no high speed lifts or big city attitudes. Just skiing and great steep and trees. We are due for some snow as it has been a while but the temps are rising - so another reason to hit Whitewater as it's base is at 5400' unlike red, revelstoke, fernie and the rest as they are around 2000' - 3000' so they get far more melt and rain. This weekend Whitewater is hosting the cold smoke powder festival (http://www.coldsmokepowderfest.com/) so it should be a great event if this is your thing. If you are into backcountry skiing then this is also the place as there is lots of routed to sample - right off the chair lifts (www.backcountryskiingcanada.com) and there is always fresh lines on north aspects to be had - see the printed touring guide on the site. If you are staying in Nelson - a very funky little mountain town in it's own right then the Hume Hotel is the place to stay! and lots of great restaurants to sample. Gee sounds like I work for Tourism BC?  

Hopefully this helps?
Have a great road trip and hope you get some fresh to make it that much better!
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You've posted your question in the wrong forum.  Try posting it in the general skiing discussion and you'll get some replies.  This one is for trip reports and isn't read as widely as the general skiing forum.

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