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Heading to Steamboat - which ski to take (8000s or iM82)?

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I'm heading to Steamboat this week for 3-6 days of skiing. I am trying to decide whether to take my 07/08(?) Legend 8000's or my 08/09 Head iM82 (183 cm), leaning towards latter.

I realized recently that I have been using my 8000's almost exclusively this year due to lack of much fresh snow in the PNW when I have gone skiing - lots of icy snow and hardpack. I have only been on my iM82s back in Nov. (1/2 day) when we really had a lot of fresh snow - its hard to remember what to expect. I kind of recall the iM82's did a bit better in the deeper snow.  I am 6'2", 180-185 lbs, ski primarily blacks. I have never been to Steamboat, so while I might expect the slightly longer and wider ski to do better there, I also heard I could be skiing alot of trees and/or chutes.

Any recommendations?

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They're both great choices (I've owned them both) so my default answerf would be to take them both.  If you can't do that I would also choose the Heads.  The good stuff IS in the trees at Steamboat...
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Something too keep in mind, Steamboat doesn't really have much in terms of long sustained steeps.  Most of the trees are fairly open (the trees in the chutes and Double Diamond terrain can be pretty steep and tight) but most of the trees are nicely spaced and usually have a good flow.
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As far as which skis.. Is there a big difference?
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take em both :)
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Unfortunately, I can only take one. I know that the two are not that different. But the iM82 is just a bit longer and wider. The 8000s are a bit quicker due to their shorter length. When I have had them both on (very limited comparison), I thought I could throw the 8000s around easier in tight spaces, just a tad, but I also recall, in comparison, that they would have a greater tendency to submarine in even the heavy dense snow in the PNW. One thing I do know, though, that, although probably not critical in Steamboat, the iM82s were rock solid at very high speed through mid-calf crud and broken snow - quite impressive, almost scary how fast I would go and they would just seem to eat it up.

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Originally Posted by BigNick View Post

When I have had them both on (very limited comparison), I thought I could throw the 8000s around easier in tight spaces, just a tad,

Spend your time in the trees. Take the 8k's.

I had my 8K's at Whistler in Nopvember for the epic (heavy) deep - no "submarine" problems.
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Hey Snofun, I can easily see how the 8k's would have been fine up at Whistler. I would, expect, though, that the Boat's snow, if present,  would be much much lighter and therefore I would be more susceptible to sinking.  I noticed from your profile that you also ski at SnowBird, which I would expect to be more like the snow at Steamboat. Would you still recommend the 8k's if you (or I) were going to the Bird? I am also not sure how we compare in terms of size and ski (178cm 8k's)  - I'm 6'2" ~180-185 lbs naked. OTOH, we might not have any fresh snow at Steamboat while I am there.

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I was at 'da boat in January and had my 8k's and MR's and I usually switched-off days. Glad I had the 8k's as the conditions were, umm, challenged. I'll be there starting Friday and will have my MR's and ObSETHed's. If I had room in the bag (actually the other skis are already there) I'd bring the 8k's too.

The 8k's are staying home, but for the past few years they've been my go-to as a great overall ski for every condition to be found.
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Well, I am back from Steamboat, and while the conditions were definitely not Champagne powder (when there was some fresh but limited snow) it was definitely lighter than the PNW/Sierra concrete.  I took my 8000's. As long as I stayed on the tongues of my boots, I never felt like I had the wrong ski whether I skied the deep Chute(s) (suprising), the Shadows, moguls, or in the trees. Could different skis have been better for one of those conditions? Of course, BUT the 8000s really don't excel at anything particular EXCEPT that they excel at being very amenable to anything. I might have felt differently 8000s in the deeper snow if I had taken my longer iM82s and tried them side by side with the 8000s. But who cares, I had a lot of fun. As Lance would say, "Its not about the bike".

I do have to relay one experience, though. The day before my last, visibility on most of the mountain was as low as 12 ft.,. It was crusty, hard bumps, cold, and I kept falling on my heels the whole time. I was so disgusted that I thought of just quitting skiing and spending the next day exploring restaurants. I guess when you can't see where you are going, falling on your heels is common but you can't ski then!!!  But I persisted on the next day which ended up sunny, just warm enough to soften the snow. It ended up being my best ski day of the year - what a difference visibility makes.

Hope all of your remaining ski days are as good as my last day at Steamboat.

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