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is the "heat fitting" process the same for all brands?

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Hi - thanks in advance for taking time to read this and/or respond.

The subject pretty much says it all - I'm thinking about buying a pair of Atomic M tech 100 boots that I've been test wearing around the house (sorry, the closest boot fitter is well over 100 miles away), and wanted to see if I could take them to a local ski shop and pay someone do a "heat fitting".  Nobody in this area carries this brand of boot...for that matter, nobody sells downhill gear around here that's more than entry-level stuff.  Is the process fairly idiot-proof and the same for all brands of boots?

After this, I'm considering a custom-ish footbed, and/or boot fitting as needed.  That won't happen for a month or so until I get to Colorado, probably.  I've probably had about 12 different 25.5 and 26.0 medium to high-volume boots on my feet, and these are the closest to correct I've found.  Oh...and they were cheap to boot. 
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It's nice they were cheap.  Do they fit?  Did you do a shell fit or have you only been wearing boots around the house?  What is a customish foot be?  heating process is the same for all boots but also unnecessary.  If they are not comfortable and snug now, heating them probably won't fix anything.  You are heading to Colorado.  why not buy boots from a multitude of good fitters there?
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Hi Lou - Here's some answers to your questions.  I know it's hard to diagnose anything from a distance, and appreciate your free advice:

My skier info: level 7, mostly groomed, 5'8", 190 lbs, 34 years old.  I ski maybe 10 days a year (unfortunately).  Wide (E) feet, street shoes are US 9 or 8.5, usually.  One foot wider than the other.
Regarding shell fits: Have tried a "self" shell-fit.  The 26 shell size has too much room, according to what I read.  The 25 (25.5) shells seem more appropriate.  Once the liners are in, all the 25.5's are killing me--forefoot seems scrunched into the toebox, and can only handle wearing boots for roughly 5-10 minutes.  Most of the 26.0's are getting heel lift, with the exception of these Atomics.

Why don't I buy boots from someone while I'm in Colorado?  Well, I could still return these and do that.  As with so many people, I guess it's a matter of cost.  The boots I have here cost $300, and I would be okay spending another $100-150 to get things "just right" (footbeds, adjustments).  I'm skeptical about playing more than I can afford in a resort area for boots and fitting together.  ($400-450 is the most I can afford)  I'm also worried about time, with 6 days there and 3 full ski days planned.  FWIW, The better shops in the Twin Cities seem to have very little/nothing in stock in a 25.5 or 26.0, or what they have are low-volume "racier" models.

For reference, here's what I've tried on and walked around in for at least 20 minutes either in stores or at home in the past 2 weeks:
Salomon Mission RS 10 (25.5, 26.0)
Tecnica Dragon 100, 110 (26.0, 26.5)
Tecnica Phoenix 100 HVL (26.0)
Lange Blaster Pro (25.5)
Head Vector 100 (26.0)
Head S 110 (26.0)
Nordica Sportmachine 12 (26.0)
Nordica Speedmachine 105 (25.5)
Nordica Doberman 130 (26.0)...just for kicks.  I was shocked my feet fit in the thing!
Atomic M Tech 100 (26.0)

As mentioned above, I like the fit of the Atomics best out of everything so far.  My shins and heel are locked in, in a good way in these boots.  My toes can wiggle slightly more (vertically) than I'd expect (though I'm lightly touching the end of the toebox).  There's a slight pinch in the area of both my arches.

So that's pretty much everything so far.  I'm staying in Keystone the end of the month and plan to ski the Basin and Breck, so any suggestions are welcome.  In the meantime, I'll reread the wiki, search the forum, and pick up the phone if I have time during the day.  Thanks to any and all for information and advice!
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