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I was at Windham (NY) yesterday which got 4 feet+of snow in the last few days.  

So this time I thought I'd substitute 150s (Rossignol) to my usual 140s Fisher skis (both from the rental counter).

I could not turn with 150s!
Vicious cycle: this led me to flex the muscles in my feet to try and control the skis > pain > aggravation > loss of confidence > tense body position > even worse skiing.
The skis felt like I couldn't get them on the edge, they just kept going straight.

At some sections of the blue trails, the snow was not powder but more like the kind of snow you get when the temperature rises and it gets pressed. Harder and "sticky".

I ended-up exchanging them for the Fisher 140s and had fun the rest of the time.

Do these symptoms make sense to anyone?