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NY Belleayre yesterday, Five Feet of Snow!

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 I've been skiing for 8 years and have never seen anything like it.  Five Feet of snow at Belleayre in the Catskills!

Ironically though, it was not all fun.  Every trail had so much snow that each became a mogul run. Although I love moguls and am getting good practice, it was tiring to do it all day.

I've always shied away from their "Yahoo," a double black bump run, but since it wouldn't be icy with all the snow I thought I'd try it.  I wiped out though and it was very tiring climbing out of all that snow.

Worst part:  They didn't salt the road leading up to the parking lots and many cars were getting stuck, which caused a traffic backup of miles.  I got there by 9 a.m. and I was delayed about a half hour waiting to get up that road.  I can only imagine how long the wait got later on.

The power went out in much of the Catskills the previous night; I heard that two major ski resorts in the area were not open (can't confirm), so I'm glad I picked this one.

IMG_2446.JPG IMG_2452.JPG

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 I skied Belleayre on Friday also..... it was uncanny.  

More snow in one place than the resort knew what to do with. :)

There was a legitimate untracked 3-4 feet on many trails.  It was good snow also.... not Alta dry & light, but pretty good.

I could have used big fat skis however.  My narrow K2 Recons kept getting stuck.  Unfortunately, my body kept going...... :)

Get out and get going, conditions like this only happen in the East every 10 years or so!
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Nice.  My buddy was there last week, and he had great things to say about the place.  I'll have to check it out SOON
Just left Killington (Vt), and it looks pretty similar.  Sorry, no good pics - my wife the photographer can't see bumps  

I skied Superstar (right side) and Ovation (left side) over and over and over - both have piles of snow and huge pillow soft landings.  I was wiped out/done for/caput by noon.  Doesn't get much better IMHO.
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 Glad to see you both are experiencing this major snow, too.

Let's hope it stays till April!
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You should have seen the top of lift 7 first thing Friday morning.
Both chairs on either side of the bull wheel were totaly buried .with at least 4' of drifted snow over them and 10' to the front and back.
We didn't get that going till about 11am. 
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I was reading on Alpinezone that Hunter and Windham both had power outages Friday/yesterday and that things were a mess.  A friend went up to Windham Friday night and skied Saturday.  He said the same thing-crazy amount of snow but so much that it was difficult to ski.  e was with friends that were not very good skiers and they werre wiped out early.  There will be a nice base for the rest of the season though.
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Killington (Bear Mtn) had power outages on Friday and was shut down all day.  Several other parts of the mtn didn't open on Friday either - like the Canyon and even Skye - so pretty much everything except Superstar and North Ridge (and Snowdon), both of which were great by 11:30 am.  Huge winds the night before (Thurs).  It dumped all the while though a fairly dense heavy snow, and it just about crusted over on the lower 1/2 of the mtn.  But another 4-5" on Fri night into Sat am softened everything up.  Folks were complaining it was tough to ski.  But it often is when there's that much snow.  Steep runs were so much fun.  Huge pillow bumps with occassional enormous drifts.  Great base for spring is right.      
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Argh, I'm jealous...I really wanted to get up there this weekend!!!
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