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NBC Has Really $H1$%^ Coverage of the Olympics.

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Hey you guys notice the second run of men's gs they only showed like 6 racers? but the show every single ice dancer and figure skater. They are even missing some men's hockey games.  They are playing their normal TV shows over half of the stuff, and there isn't great live coverage. If anything they should have Had a 24 hour Olympic Channel, Nothing else. so they could get everything in live.
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Most of us get our fix by watching the events in live streaming.  The fact NBC totally blew the coverage of this Olympics to chase more dollars in prime-time is not news.   I turned on NBC this morning at 10:00 and they were showing Saturday morning low-quality anime cartoons.  So I just jumped on CTV for the live Run 1.  http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/92602/men-s-slalom-coverage-may-be-spoilers

Better get used to it.
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That's all I can say.

I just went to the trouble of watching NBC's coverage tonight, since I couldn't bring up the live video coverage of the second run of the men's slalom this afternoon.

Total amount of second run skiing shown, by official timing: 2 minutes, 33.37 seconds. Three runs.

That's shorter than a single commercial break.
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It was a touching tribute to excuse Bode's DNF by rationalizing the previous wins. 
Way to go Bode.  You succeeded

Besides he was in very good company.  Unbelieveable the number of racers that  DNF and DSQ.  Here are the stats if you couldn't get them.

Rank     Country     Racer                                                     Run1   Run2     Total         Differential

Medal Gold113ITARAZZOLI Giuliano47.7951.531:39.32-
Medal Silver22CROKOSTELIC Ivica48.3751.111:39.48+0.16
Medal Bronze312SWEMYHRER Andre49.0350.731:39.76+0.44
43AUTRAICH Benjamin48.3351.481:39.81+0.49
56AUTHIRSCHER Marcel48.9251.281:40.20+0.88
69SLOVALENCIC Mitja48.2252.131:40.35+1.03
78ITAMOELGG Manfred48.6451.811:40.45+1.13
819CANCOUSINEAU Julien49.5951.071:40.66+1.34
94FRALIZEROUX Julien48.8251.901:40.72+1.40
107AUTHERBST Reinfried49.2351.551:40.78+1.46
1137CZEBANK Ondrej48.6952.121:40.81+1.49
121SUIZURBRIGGEN Silvan48.7852.051:40.83+1.51
1314CANJANYK Michael49.1851.911:41.09+1.77
1410SWEHARGIN Mattias49.2751.981:41.25+1.93
1523SUIGINI Marc49.9451.411:41.35+2.03
1641FRATISSOT Maxime49.5252.021:41.54+2.22
1731NORJANSRUD Kjetil49.5452.031:41.57+2.25
1827JPNSASAKI Akira49.4152.351:41.76+2.44
1943CROZRNCIC-DIM Natko50.0151.981:41.99+2.67
2033BULALBRECHT Kilian50.0852.281:42.36+3.04
2138FRAMERMILLOD BLONDIN Thomas49.9052.581:42.48+3.16
2230SWEBYGGMARK Jens50.5052.031:42.53+3.21
2350RUSHOROSHILOV Alexandr50.5052.321:42.82+3.50
2446USAKASPER Nolan50.6652.511:43.17+3.85
2556BULGEORGIEV Stefan50.8653.061:43.92+4.60
2665ARGSIMARI BIRKNER Cristian Javier51.3553.371:44.72+5.40
2753GBRRYDING David51.5853.551:45.13+5.81
2858MDAROUX Christophe51.9053.851:45.75+6.43
2971GBRNOBLE Andrew51.5554.581:46.13+6.81
3066SVKBABUSIAK Jaroslav52.1054.761:46.86+7.54
3135CANWHITE Trevor49.5357.641:47.17+7.85
3261CROMARINELLI Danko52.2855.051:47.33+8.01
3362GREDIMITRIADIS Vassilis51.9656.201:48.16+8.84
3463BELVAN DEN BOGAERT Jeroen53.9954.571:48.56+9.24
3574ISRRENZHIN Mykhaylo52.8456.071:48.91+9.59
3675BIHRUDIC Marko53.7055.461:49.16+9.84
3776LATZVEJNIEKS Kristaps53.8257.471:51.29+11.97
3888KAZZAKURDAEV Igor54.4158.401:52.81+13.49
3983UKRFESHCHUK Rostyslav55.3558.441:53.79+14.47
4079MNEKOSIC Bojan56.1559.171:55.32+16.00
4169IRISAVEH SHEMSHAKI Hossein57.5958.801:56.39+17.07
4290UZBSHAMAEV Oleg57.651:00.401:58.05+18.73
43101CHNLI Lei59.431:01.432:00.86+21.54
4498MARAZZIMANI Samir1:00.431:02.002:02.43+23.11
4589IRLO CONNOR Shane1:00.831:04.312:05.14+25.82
4699MEXVON HOHENLOHE Hubertus1:02.091:05.692:07.78+28.46
47102GHANKRUMAH-ACHEAMPONG Kwame1:09.081:13.522:22.60+43.28
4895ALBTOLA Erjon1:33.941:09.942:43.88+1:04.56
DID NOT START RUN 1: 1 competitor
 93DENKILSGAARD Markus    
DID NOT FINISH RUN 1: 43 competitors
 5AUTPRANGER Manfred    
 16USALIGETY Ted    
 17USAMILLER Bode    
 18NORMYHRE Lars Elton    
 25SLOVAJDIC Bernard    
 26ITADEVILLE Cristian    
 28CANSPENCE Brad    
 29CZETREJBAL Filip    
 32SUIBERTHOD Marc    
 36SLOSKUBE Matic    
 39JPNMINAGAWA Kentaro    
 40NORKARLSEN Truls Ove    
 42NORHAUGEN Leif    
 44CROSAMSAL Dalibor    
 45SLODRAGSIC Mitja    
 48CZEVRABLIK Martin    
 51KORJUNG Dong-Hyun    
 52FINROMAR Andreas    
 54RUSMAITAKOV Sergei    
 55KORKIM Woo-Sung    
 57BELMOLLIN Bart    
 60RUSZUEV Stepan    
 68ANDVIDOSA Roger    
 70ROUNAN Ioan-Gabriel    
 72GRETSIMIKALIS Stephanos    
 73MKDRISTEVSKI Antonio    
 77ARGTORRES Agustin    
 78BRALONGHI Jhonatan    
 80HUNBENE Marton    
 81ESTOPRJA Deyvid    
 84TURTURKSEVER Erdinc    
 85LTURUMIANCEV Vitalij    
 92TJKDRYGIN Andrey    
 94AZENOTZ Cedric    
 96SENSECK Leyti    
 100KGZTRELEVSKI Dmitry    
DISQUALIFIED RUN 1: 4 competitors
 34CZEKRYZL Krystof  Rule 629.3 
 82LIBACHI Ghassan  Rule 629.3 
 87ARMNERSISYAN Arsen  Rule 629.3 
 97PEROETTL REYES Manfred  Rule 629.3 
DID NOT FINISH RUN 2: 3 competitors
 22USACOCHRAN Jimmy    
 24ITATHALER Patrick    
DISQUALIFIED RUN 2: 3 competitors
 20SWEBAECK Axel  Rule 629.3 
 47SUIVILETTA Sandro  Rule 629.3 
 64GEOABRAMASHVILI Iason  Rule 629.3 
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They should just have Universal Sports do the coverage for skiing and let NBC/ESPN/FOX or whoever air it since Uni Sports ain't on every cable provider
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Originally Posted by IMT00FIERCE View Post

They should just have Universal Sports do the coverage for skiing and let NBC/ESPN/FOX or whoever air it since Uni Sports ain't on every cable provider

That would be great, but not likely at all.

Firstly, NBC Universal owns Universal Sports, so they'll keep strict control over who broadcasts the USports content.  Given that NBC Universal now has a distribution channel (Comcast), I can't see them doing anything other than get more restrictive in their distribution.

Secondly, NBC Universal has a contract with the FIS to be the exclusive TV broadcaster of their sports, be it alpine, XC, nordic or snowboarding.  I'm betting that contract has some very strict limitations regarding redistribution and/or resale of broadcast rights.  Until the contract with the FIS comes up for renewal, that's the way it's likely to stay.

And frankly speaking as a person who refuses to pony up the funds for cable (there are far, far better things to spend my money on, like skiing and cycling), I'd really be frustrated if a cable network like ESPN or Versus got the broadcast rights, unless they also provided an online stream that people can tune in to watch.  The Tour de France has such a setup, which is a good way to help keep people from going the "grey market" route of finding internet streams or buying a proxy server account, like Cirquerider did to watch the CTV Olympics feed.
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I've waited a day and watched every race, end to end, on NBC.com. I've given up on the primetime highlight reel.
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I second this

Just as bad in 2006 too
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Originally Posted by songfta View Post

Cirquerider did to watch the CTV Olympics feed.

I had to subscribe to a Virtual Private Network service called HideMyAss.com and change my IP to look like I was from Quebec.  With that I got all live feeds from every event.  VPN ninja service...$11.50.  Being able to watch all live events...Priceless

Value of NBC....I don't even want to go there.
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I found replays of the pitiful Alpine event coverage and other events on my Comcast On-Demand channel. Some of the events had almost no coverage as mentioned. Women's DH was the longest event at around 34 minutes long. They don't show most of the commercials, either. They're taking them down on 3/12 so if you want to tape them, don't wait.
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I have been watching a lot of the full replays of Alpine on NBC's Vancouver site. 

Does anyone else, every time they pause or every 2-3 minutes, get 1-3 Universal Sports advertisements?

It is insane.
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