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Saddleback Day Trip 2.27.10

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Saddleback 3.28.09 001.JPGSaddleback 3.14.09 014.JPGI live an hour and a half from Saddleback and in the past 4 days, here at my house, I have about 8 inches of wet slop  sitting in my driveway. It's just one big mess.

Took the drive up to Saddleback and from the junction of the access road things started to look real good. Snowbanks in some areas were as high as the roof of my buddies Silverado 4x4.. The trees were loaded with fresh snow and the ride up was was nothing short of gorgeous.
We got on the mountain at 9am. Freakin' weather was going from a blizzard of white out with winds cranking. mid winter conditions, snowing like a basard to no wind and snowing like a son of a gun.!! Snowed heavy all day. We skied some lift lines and our tracks would be filled in every 2 runs.!! Nice dry snow. Got home went online and saw that Saddleback recieved 18 inches today with the past 4 day total to 50 inches of fresh.!! The skiing was absolutly out of this world.!!

Plus, skiing with all 3 of your buddies on a powder day boosts your game. We skied 5 straight hours, had 2 beers and limped back to the parking lot making it just a memory.

What a storm and what a day. The mountain is filled in with snow....we measured over 4 feet with our ski poles. Some places it was hard to find bottom. 

Love Saddleback. Steep and long, narrow trails cut right through a dense forest. 2,000 feet of vertical. It's a blast to ski there. 

Here's a picture from a different ski day......
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 eh skiable trees?

I have been hearing how awesome this place is its just 6 hours from here....
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It's been a couple of years since I skied Saddleback but think it's a great place. Skied it about 4 different times. It's just a little bit out of my way being I'm from NYC. The new base lodge was a big improvement but that old slow double & T-bar need to be replaced. Big mountain skiing with a small mountain atmosphere & the view of Rangeley Lake ain't bad either. If you go up that way a good place to stay in town is the Town & Lake Motel. They have a few small cottages on the lake that sleep 4 that are very cozy & reasonable when you split the cost 4 ways. They also have a kitchen & supply all the cooking hardware if that's what you like to do. Glad you had a good powder day on the mountain. I was fortunate enough to have one of those there a few years ago myself.
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We skied 2 glades and the powder was deep enough to slow you down.

Saddleback has sort of a Stowe feel to it. The town of Rangeley is about 8 miles from the mountain and the tree skiing is some of the best that I have skied in Maine. Many of the trails are narrow and run top to bottom with few bailouts.

I'll say this too....Many of the blue runs ski like single blacks. And, many black diamond trails ski like double blacks. A large portion of the mountain is steeep.

Also this...A 3 day trip up here would work out real well.......2 days at Sugarloaf and one day at Saddleback. There's a lot of skiing to be shred on these 2 mountains that sit about 20 miles apart from one another, as the crow flies. 
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I've got (2) comp passes for Saddleback and (2) for Black Mountain in NH so we'll plan a trip up there in the next couple weeks. Saturday at Black and Sunday at Saddleback. Kind of a long trip home on Sunday night but them's the breaks. I've wanted to hit Saddleback for a couple years. This is the year to do it.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post

 eh skiable trees?

Tons of em.
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Originally Posted by Sugaree View Post

Saddleback has sort of a Stowe feel to it.

I haven't been to Stowe in fifteen years - since I lived in Underhill on the other side of Mansfield. Back then I sometimes felt there was a bit of an attitude problem if you were just a regular Joe. (For example, I remember a woman at the ticket window giving ME a hard time when they didn't want to honor some kind of advertised ticket deal. Her attitude seemed to me to be, "if ten bucks matters that much to you, you don't belong here anyway.") Not sure if it's still like that, but in any case Saddleback is at the opposite end of the spectrum.
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Ron, them is some purty pictures of some very familiar territory. Actually, my dislocated shoulder feels a bit better when I rub it on the computer screen over those snaps. The Loaf got 64". I swear I will be back before the end of the season which should go into May, barring a deluge. My wife swears something else.
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