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greetings and a Daleboot review

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For some years now I've had pain with my stock boots (Atomics as sold by my local sports store). At the time I didn't know enough and, in hindsight, the salesman knew less.

So..after a few seasons of pain (the feeling my feet were being squished), pain bad enough to make me stop and take my boots off every hour, I finally pullled my thumb out my arse and googled "custom boots". The trail led me to Daleboots, who I picked because the guy I was dealing with was american (I'm english) so language was not it's normal barrier (I live in Austria but speak zero german). They were also in Kitzbuehl which is a half days drive away so that worked out well. A few emails later and I'm off.

I drove there yesterday for initial measurements (took about 1 hour) and today was fitting (again about 1 hour).

Now, my previous experience of ski boot fitting was in rental shops or in the Viennese store where I bought ny stock boots. In both cases it's pretty much "what size shoe are you?" and "here you go, these are the ones for you".

This time...well, stock boots cost me, if memory serves €250ish whilst these boots cost me €650 ish so three ish times the price. Did I receive 3 times the service? Over and above and then some.
Did I recieve 3 times the product? No idea, not skiied in them yet but I reckon so and will post more in a few weeks time once I've broken then in. Anyway...back to measurements..

Previous experience told me that my feet were different sizes and that my left foot was larger. I knew I had wide feet. That was it.

Rob told me..and adjusted the boots accordingly..

my left was 9, my right was 9.5 (so switching around the belief I've held for years that my left was bigger)
I pronate (still no real idea what that means but hey! I do it)
I have one bow leg (the left), that was news to me but my other leg had perfect alignment :)
My feet are very wide..can't quite recall the numbers but something like 11mm wider than the widest stock shell?

He also told me more technical stuff that I've forgotton (i have a terrible memory).

Went back to the shop today, got the fitting of the inner shell completed, again..each step was explained to me inspring a happy level of confidence. I also managed to have a chat with an existing customer of theirs who seemed to love their product).

So..I am now the owner of a brand new pair of Daleboots. Not skied in them yet and that's the proof of course but so far, so very good, excellent even.

FYI - I'm 42, English, based in Austria, I had real problems finding "proper" reviews on Daleboots, hence this posting,
Hiya :)
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I put up a Daleboot review, http://www.epicski.com/products/daleboot-vff-pro , and would love to see one from you too.  They are the most comfortable boots I've ever had, and perform as expected. 

I believe most people can be fitted properly from an expert bootfitter, but some cannot since their feet just don't fit into an off the shelf boot (each foot different size, narrow heel with a wide foot, etc.).  Unless they have custom boots, they are just fitting a square peg into a round hole. 

I pretty much bought the boot for the weird features and comfort since I've never had much of a problem getting into a narrow boot, namely the old Lange and current HEAD boots.  This year I noticed one of my hands was dropping back a tad when I skied.  A simple test showed one foot was out of alignment, probably due to a summer injury or my just getting older.  I called Daleboot and they sent me a sole canted an extra degree.   I replaced the old cant on the sole in about a minute.  Problem fixed.  I like the whole replace any part thing since it means you can keep the boots pretty much forever.  I think you will also like the Intuition liners that they clain are fitted for the shell.  They are light and warm enough, at least for me. 
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I pronate (still no real idea what that means but hey! I do it)
When you stand your ankles drop towards the insides of your feet.  Most of us pronate; a few do it to excess.  Canting--wedge shapes under the boots--brings the knees over the center of the feet when the feet are in straight ahead positions that skis put us in for those of us who aren't naturally aligned, including that bow leg or someone's knock knees.
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Looking forward to the review.
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woot woot! off to Stuhlek tomorow..crack of dawn, to try the new boots :) I was there in my Atomics about 4 weeks ago and had pain after about 1 hour so it's gonna be a real good measure. That said, the Dale's aren't broken in but I'm expecting a different pain for that.
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Well...I'm back. 2 weeks ago I went to Stuhlek, was in pain (feet being crushed) by 10am (skiing from 08:30) and had to stop by about 2. That was with broken in Atomics that had been widened.

Today I arrived at Stuhlek, same time, The crush pain has gone. Of course now I have breaking in pain...discomfort..on the base of my feet which I attibute to this being only the 2nd day of skiing that I've managed this year.

Because of the design of the boot I find them easier on, and off as well.

Am I satisfied...so far...very much so :)

Has my skiing improved? kinda hard for me to say but I felt as if I could ski for longer without stopping, that my turns were easier, and that it was easier to pressure the front of my calf through the turn.

So..based on the fitting experience and one day's skiing would I recomend Dale boots as a solution to weird feet? Totally.
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