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Way off Topic Olympic Commentary

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Notice of:


Presented To: All North American based Sponsors of NBC Olympic coverage.

Submitted By: Several US citizens aware of current satelite television marketing shemes.

The proposed texts.

Randomly composed in reaction to certain breaking stories about Bode Miller’s effort on Saturday.

SUBJECT / ITEM / EXHIBIT number one:

One so called Baby Hughey even being allowed within 75ft of ANY gate house in the known universe.

Maybe the US Ski Team just couldn't stick the right budget for Apolo's dad for Vancouver.


Seriously otherwise you guys gotta tell me which the heck other section I should post this petition on.
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11 views, zero woots for removing Baby Hughey from all FIS sanctioned gate houses.

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More on topic maybe,

How seriously do you needle weasels actually get away with not helping me learn the difference between carbon and UHMW based skis when I told you all it was gonna be for a rock ski. 

I challenge some of you twinkle toes to sap yourselves a little bit outta the woodwork and share some advice for a good if not epic old sport here, gentlemen n' ladies.  

I think I'd be disappointed if blew more than 300US for a perfectly stellar rock ski. If it was UHMW and could take a brandy new pair of Marker Gremlins.

Just spare me the rails systems. And keep your kind rock ski - Stowe National slash Nose Dive trail descente - recommendations under 168cm. I'm not Hannah anymore though I can set an edge a lot more easily.
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4 hrs and counting now. And another 2 dozen views.


Apparently we got ourselves a full blown cult of driving skis into granite for the sake of pure industrial self gratification.


Keep on top of your Halliburton stock ladies.
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Scheepers I hope this script is slick enough to post this in order of it's appearance.
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Not likely, though.
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Now lookie here kiddos. I don't want to make a mockery of how important this thread is.

As I requested in my initial post to this new thread was mostly to appease my unease with how stiff and lifeless this tuning section was for me so far.

I wish to thank all the insecure arrogant ego dependant noobs to the sport for not daring to chime in.

Meanwhile the rest of you oughta own a solid opinion on how much Baby Hughey's been to Cochran', Bode's or even Ted's best elevations of concentration.

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How many views of not understanding ski abuse do people fail to translate into normal turn enjoymet on this tuning mecca section?

We're all into maxxing the release our sticks award us, gents.

My only prob is with the cutting edge rich units on this site, whose parents get hooked into feeding their ever increasing habit of destroying Alpine vegetation by the cord, and who end up hustling ace tuners at all shops in No America into sucking up to their bloodthirstiness with our love for the love of it all.

I just wish  I could dole out a $20 tip to someone with binding mountain wisdoms - old non rail style - and end up with a decent ski that did not require Miller level imprecision.

I guess.
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Like 5 hours and counting and each and everyone of you dipsters is still too oblivious to comment one way or the other?

This site really cracks me up.

Baby Hughey, people. Google it for cryin out loud.

All o you peope are scavenger thrill seekers addicted to that scene.

We back in NH have an appreciation for not scarring the terrain.

You younger aces at Stowe don't yet know how lucky you have it.
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Unfluffin' believable.

And I was relying on you zips to guide me through my first ever core shot repairs.


Not hardly likely.
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We in NH pray you West Coast holly hollow type promoters don't resist the old order 'FIS courtesies just to get your USA showboat maxims sparkin like full New Englanders at 30' bonfire in Kingston or something.

Lighten the fluff up and say something about the stupid Baby Hughey asshole for cryin out loud.
Lemme ask all dumb assed East Coast poindexters, this. 

Are you all so desperate that you would need a baby hughy to badger your kid into the required zen?

And uhhhm yeah.....

This q would go out to Ralves.if he wasn't in such of time warp panic.
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So basically for the month of March you can count on Epicski for a totally un-epic response rate on the issues of our time.

Got it.
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I rather like to simply enjoy my umpteen different pairs of skis the same way.

I do.
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Whe needs to tune?

Just break out your wall street brokered cred and give your destroyed skick to the Salvation Army, prepsterz.

Read you dead center you absolute monsters.


Steve Corell
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Who needs to tune.

Who knows whether Bode ever stayed at the Surf in Hampton.

Who among you dweezles even knows what it takes to arrive at gold medal perfection?

These are the questions of the day which this thread will inevitably shove off to the side for the sake of better tuning than Bode got.

I'm guessin the whole base bevel bs is way over rated. Witness Lindsay's slip.
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Can anyone get popular and bump great threads without spamming anymore these days they wonder.
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You guys out west --- ESPECIALLY RALVES ---- owe it to yourselves to review a few hours of decent FM radio out of Montpelier, Vermont.


Dorkily now referred to as - arrrgh - The Point -

Your best advertising bet ever if you are planning to move your biz to Northern Vermont. Smartest marketing kids in New England. We in New Hampshire generally wish they amped up their market. It's a matter of info done with an ample amount of style.
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Comments and References to truly useful, properly beer induced shall now be permitted on the rest of this thread whilst I get on with the other aspects of my life.

You are all on your own.

Scary. Hunh?



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I need to do more deep knee bends to max out my best vegetation destruction quoitient. Or to reduce it.

'Cept I'm stuck in New Hampshire.
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