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thin custom footbeds?

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How thin are the thinnest custom footbeds?  Can instaprint get down to 2mm?  How about conform'able?
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what reason do you need them that thin... is it a volume issue in the boot or is it for FIS regs, conform'able make a material called base B1 which is 1.6mm thick, it needs to have something on top of it but you can put 0.5 leather or similar on it but is is pretty unforgiving.... not sure the exact thickness of an instaprint but it is around 2.5-3mm and can ground.... but it all depends on why you need it so thin, there are other ways of creating space
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Thanks for the quick response CEM.  It is a volume issue I think.  Boot length is perfect.  The boot (*brand new* Salomon falcon pro CS--worn with smartwool ultralight socks) fits tight over the instep and along outside edge of foot and 6th toe area with the stock insole (~4mm).  I also have a custom footbed from mid-early 1990s of questionable quality that is ~5mm--same story.  Each footbed leads to numb toes within a few minutes.  If I wear the boot without the insole, the boot is slightly too loose.  Haven't skied in these yet, but I'm not sure how much liner packout will help--the instep is quite tight.

I'm guessing a footbed in the 2-3mm range might make the boot fit perfectly, and I'm disinclined to start making permanent mods to the shell/liner until I've exhausted other options.  I'm going to take these to a recommended bootfitter--just wanted to get some opinions here first, so I know what I'm in for.

Any other thoughts?
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use the footbed that works underneath your foot and do the mods necessary to accomodate the hot spots on your feet. the numb toes are either coming from instep compression or compression behind the ankle bones. the salomon has a low roof, and a very definitive set of l pads behind the ankle. both will improve by simply breaking the boot in.

your approach, to spend money on a new footbed that is the exact thickness that you want for volume ( which by the way is going to change as soon as you go skiing ), is like tripping over a dollar to pick up a dime. ignore me and carry on if this is how you problem solve in your everyday life!

if not, get a grind or punch for your 6th toe and lateral side of foot, and open up a "window" on the top side of your tongue. and use the best working footbed under your foot. you will end up $ and satisfaction ahead.

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Thanks for the input Jim.  The custom footbed was made a long time ago by a shop tech with no specific foot knowledge.  I don't think that either set of footbeds do much for my feet (I will have a bootfitter examine this--hopefully he will be a straight-shooter like you Jim).  So it may be time for a new footbed anyway.

Anyway, I'll let these break in a few days before doing anything.
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