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Boots for wide feet?

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I have some 2 year old technica innotec 9 boots that have been blown out about 3 times by Sure Foot but I still lost a toenail and had mean pains across my forefoot last time I went out skiing. Those forefoot pains start about 30 minutes into my skiing and sort of die off about 2hr. later (perhaps with some of my foot!) Anyone else with wide (4E) feet and if so do you have any advice on boots that are accomodating? Thanks skidoc
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to lose a toenail adds questions to the actual problem--Most of the time a person will lose the big toe nail because the boot is too big (wrong size , ie too long). I have seen people with wide feet (EEE) that have bought a size more than they need too accomadate thier width , but what happens is the foot starts to slide and bangs the front of the boot and soon you have BLACK toenail. The inotec 9 is a good boot but do you have the HVL version? Also even though Tecnica has higher volumn boots in this model it is high volumn over all, from heel to toe . If you have what I call a slice of pizza shaped foot , you need a boot that has potential for a wide toe box. Nordica and solomon have bigger toe boxes(depends on the model), I have found that the evolution 2-9 can be blown out up front better than the tecnica , because it is more of a square toe versus a round toe. Do a shell fit on your tecnicas , to ck if they are the right length and that was the cause of toenail lose.
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I had HUGE problems with Lange boots before finally giving up and buying Salomons. I love them, they are so comfy, I don't think I'd ever go back.
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if you need something wide here are the following i'd recommend:
1. Salomon
2. Atomic
3. Tecnica HVL line
4. Strolz

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all good replys,
I just found a decent pair of Dolomite Sintesi boots that fit my extremely high volume foot very well.
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My feet are w-i-d-e too. 4E or 2E depending on the shoe. I have gotten the best fit in Salomons. I've had ski shop sales people try to sell me boots in a larger size just to give me the width I needed, but with sloppiness elsewhere in the boot, watch out for that. Going to a good boot fitter, I got Salomons and they felt a little tight at first but now with footbeds and modifications they fit perfectly. Some folks get a great fit right out of the box, but for unusual shapes and sizes I think the money for custom work is well spent.
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I hate my feet, they are like those old Volvos...big and boxy.

After a lot of trying around I found that i could not wear really anything but Salomon. I settled on the Evol 2 8.0, they are an all mountain boot but for the comfort i get they are well worth the comprimise.

I tried a few of their boots and these were the only ones that i had any real luck with.

Good luck!
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I too have very wide feet. I currently have Solomon boots, but in the past I have had Dachstein and Dalbello.

In addition to wide feet, until recently, I also had to contend with large calves. Dalbello fit without any adjustments being made to the shell. The Dachsteins had to be "blown out".

Most rear entry boots acomodate wide feet well, but if you are more than a low to mid intermediate, stay away from them. (my opinion and that of many patrollers and instructors I know)
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Thankyou all for the helpful feedback! Sounds like I'm not alone. I'm definitely going to try some of the options mentioned. I think my boots are too snug overall. They're 8and a half and I usually take 9and a half to 10! You kinda assume you're getting good advice at Surefoot but I guess nothing's perfect. Thanks again, skidoc
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